Spurgeon on the Atonement

Yesterday I shared a quote from Wayne Grudem on the atonement. Today it’s Spurgeon’s turn:“All the love and acceptance which perfect obedience could have obtained of God belong to you because Christ was perfectly obedient on your behalf. Those who set aside the atonement as a satisfaction for sin also murder the doctrine of justification by faith. They must do so. There is a common element which is the essence of both doctrines; so that, if you deny the one, you destroy the other.Modern thought i … [Read more...]

J. I. Packer on the Atonement

I received the following two articles from the communications director of the UCCF, and they have been kind enough to give me permission to republish them here. The first article is by J. I. Packer, and the second one is by Richard Cunningham, and were originally published in a UCCF magazine.Penal Substitution RevisitedJ. I. PackerThroughout my 63 years as an evangelical believer, the penal substitutionary understanding of the cross of Christ has been a flashpoint of controversy and division … [Read more...]

Penal Substitutionary Atonement – Precious Gospel or Divine Child Abuse?

UPDATE In January 2008, the following post was identified as the 25th all-time most popular post with readers of this blog. The 26th most-read post was "25% Off Logos Bible Software by Libronix.This post summarizes some of my series on the atonement, and links to a number of other posts on the subject. There are many other posts within this series—the most popular of which was one entitled "J. I. Packer on the Atonement."***************As we finally draw near to the conclusion of t … [Read more...]

Brian McLaren Supports Steve Chalke About the Cross

UPDATE - Steve Chalke has expressed his views more fully in a chapter in The Atonement Debate, and I have posted a response to this.-----A reader recently pointed me to the following passage from a longer article on The Resurgence about Brett Kunkle's concerns about the Emergent movement. I hope my American readers appreciate that the atonement issue is far from being just  a UK problem at the moment; this quote certainly makes that plain!"My first area of concern is the cross. Here we ask … [Read more...]

ATONEMENT – Who is Preaching Another Gospel?

My interview with the authors of pierced for our transgressions seems to have created something of a stir. The comments section shows two very distinct reactions to the way I chose to close the interview. When one uses google blogsearch to track the way others have written about it on their own blogs a similar picture emerges.Now, what is interesting to me is the strong reaction to me citing Paul's curse on those who preach another gospel to him. I did not curse anybody myself, and have no … [Read more...]

UCCF Issues Further Statement on Steve Chalke and the Spring Harvest Split

I reported here a while back that Bishop Broadbent, leader of the Spring Harvest team, has accepted that disagreements over Steve Chalke played at least some role in the split between Word Alive and Spring Harvest. Today the UCCF issued a follow-up statement on their website which seems to aim to be conciliatory.There is still no official statement or comment from Spring Harvest itself as an organisation in response to the ones from UCCF. Neither has Steve Chalke replied to the following … [Read more...]

Wright Quotes That Affirm Penal Substitutionary Atonement

Justin Taylor helpfully points to some quotes from N. T.Wright that seem to clearly affirm a penal substitutionary view of the atonement. I am left, though, with two questions from the article Wright published earlier in the week.1. Why then does he respond so very negatively to the new book Pierced For Our Transgressions?2. Does Steve Chalke really believe what Wright does despite his clear condemnation of all forms of PSA? … [Read more...]

Peter Broadbent States Atonement Was a Factor in Spring Harvest Split

In today's news, in an article in the Church Times entitled "Atonement Row Gets Personal as Evangelical Partnership Splits," Bishop Broadbent is quoted as acknowledging that Steve Chalke was at least part of the reason for the split with UCCF. Clearly some of the details of the story remain disputed, but as I first reported just over a week ago, differences in how inclusive to be over different views of the atonement seem clearly to be at least part of the reason the two conferences are going … [Read more...]

Pete Broadbent of Spring Harvest Makes a Statement About Word Alive

UPDATE - Broadbent subsequently issued a further statment which acknowledged Steve Chalke was one factor in the split.Pete Broadbent, who leads the Spring Harvest Leadership Team, has now issued the following statement in response to my post on Spring Harvest and UCCF, and the official UCCF Statement. It is also interesting in light of Tom Wright’s statement about the atonement and Steve Chalke.Peter Broadbent’s StatementSpring Harvest, Keswick, and UCCF (the three partners in Word Alive) agreed … [Read more...]

The Atonement – N. T. Wright Attacks Both Sides of the Debate

UPDATE November 2008- Steve Chalke has expressed his views more fully in a chapter in The Atonement Debate, and I have posted a response to this.UPDATE #3In January 2008, the following post was identified as the 11th all-time most popular post with readers of this blog. The 12th most widely read post was "The Toronto Blessing"—When the Church Seemed To Be Going Mad.This post examines possibly the most controversial article Wright has written. In it, I question his ability to criticize some who d … [Read more...]