A Sermon on enjoying the ‘spoils’ of salvation – ‘The power of Total Freedom’ by Terry Virgo

This sermon is a good illustration of the difference between what Ed Stetzer calls an "aspirational charismatic" and one who pursues God for all he has for us today.  I urge you to watch it, and be stirred to enjoy what Jesus has purchased for us.  Downloads are available on the Jubilee site. … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo preaches for Josh Harris at Covenant Life Church on the presence of God

Terry Virgo recently preached for a weekend at Covenant Life Church, the church previously lead by C.J. Mahaney. Virgo preached his heart out about the Spirit-Filled church to a strong response. Virgo is no merely aspirational charismatic, and reports are that many received a touch from the Spirit after these sermons. … [Read more...]

Behind the Scenes with Giants

Wendy Virgo's blog about her recent time with her husband, Bob Roberts, and some other key Christian leaders is well worth a read, here is an extract: A few days ago I was travelling in a van with a bishop from Mombasa, a church leader from Cote d’Ivoire, a Christian Palestinian, a converted Muslim now church planter from Bangladesh, an Indian pastor from Tamil Nadu among others. The people in that car represented about 3 million Christians around the world.What on earth do such giants talk a … [Read more...]

Ed Stetzer reflects on my New Frontiers USA brothers and sisters

Ed Stetzer is a great friend to many movements.  I do not think that there is anyone who preachers today to a broader range of evangelicalism. One thing that makes that possible is that he is ever eager to understand what movements actually do stand for.  It was such a blessing having him preach at Jubilee Church London a while back.  It was a flying visit (though we did get to go round the Churchill museum with our wives!) and I think it was his first introduction to a Newfrontiers meeting. Now … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo on an extensive visit to North America

As I write this Terry Virgo has just begun an extended trip to the USA and Mexico with his wife Wendy. Terry is clearly deeply committed to helping the global church, including in the USA. He is preaching every Sunday between now and 11th December, a schedule that a man half his age might struggle with. I was due to be at the Newfrontiers USA conference where Terry and Ed Stetzer will be speaking, but sadly have had to cancel being there.I am sure Terry would appreciate our prayers, and if … [Read more...]

Guest post: Roadblocks to Being Charismatic by Terry Virgo

The Reformed, Charismatic & Missional conference, put on by Acts29 and Newfrontiers was a great success this year.  The speakers for the weekend included Terry Virgo, Jeff Vanderstelt and Eliot Grudem.  Confluence author Bryan Mowrey got a chance to sit down with each of these leaders and ask some questions a lot of people have been asking.In this video, Bryan speaks with Terry Virgo about roadblocks he has hit in helping people fully embrace charismatic gifts in life and leadership . … [Read more...]

Popular posts: The Spirit-Filled Church

During Adrian's month away from the blog, he has hand-picked a selection of the most popular posts of the year so far to re-run. Today we feature, "The Spirit-Filled Church." Adrian's posts on Terry Virgo's book the Spirit-Filled Church have been quite popular this year.  This book describes a biblical model for the church, and whether you agree with all of it or not you will benefit from reading.  Video interviews, a chapter extract and Adrian's forward are all availalbe. The Spirit-Filled C … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo's new blog design

Terry Virgo 's blog redesign launched today.  It looks really nice, pop over and check it out. There are interviews, sermons, blog posts, and a calendar of future events. Terry is coming to the USA for several weeks later in the year, you would do well to come and attend one of these events. … [Read more...]

TOAM Terry Virgo's Fireside Chat

Terry explained that he felt God say to him that for this session he should “Just sit down and talk to them.” He explained that he had been looking at the last part of Hebrews, and it was good stuff but it wasn’t coming into a sermon form. He felt God said to him “what would you like to stay at this historic moment?” As Ginny prophesied tonight would be “a coming of age party” for Newfrontiers. So Terry wanted to highlight some things that really matter to him. What has been helping him over … [Read more...]

TOAM Session 5 Terry Virgo on God’s discipline of us (Hebrews 12)

Terry began by speaking about his own book, Spirit-Filled Church, having first made the point that there are also many books in the bookstore here that he recommends that are written by writers outside our movement.  Bob Roberts, Ed Stetzer, and many other names familiar to readers of the blog are represented here.Terry preached on Hebrews 12 once more. You can download the audio, or read my notes here:We saw yesterday what it means to get started in the race, and how to get rid of things … [Read more...]