Strange Fire – A Charismatic Response to John MacArthur

See also the following posts: Strange Fire – A Charismatic Response to John MacArthur My review of the book Strange Fire: MacAthur accuses charismatics of being like Mormons John Piper responds to John MacArthur’s Strange Fire Conference RT Kendall responds to MacArthur’s Strange FireChristians have a long history of disagreeing with each other over doctrine. There is nothing new about that. Sometimes that disagreement can get quite heated. So for example, in the time when Wesley a … [Read more...]

Rick Joyner Reports Todd Bentley Remarried And Aims For Restoration To Ministry

I felt I should pass on this news. The surprising story of Todd Bentley continues in the following paragraphs from a statement released by Rick Joyner:"When Todd’s marriage failed, he abruptly stopped all ministry and virtually disappeared for almost nine months. In the meantime, his divorce was finalized and he has recently remarried.Todd has taken full responsibility for the failure of his marriage. He and Jessa also admit that their relationship was premature and should not have happened the … [Read more...]

2008 Top Posts Numbers 1 and 2

We come today to the end of this recap of the posts that have been most popular with readers during the first half of 2008. This was assessed from the 1st of January to the 31st July on the basis of number of visitors to the pages. I hope you have enjoyed reading some of these older posts while I have been enjoying more time with my family.Thanks for bearing with me as I took this blogging break. I hope that for my new readers this gave you an introduction to the blog. Please do remember when … [Read more...]

Todd Bentley "Has Separated From His Wife" Amid Reports of an "Unhealthy Relationship"

UPDATEThis from a fresh notice placed today on Todd Bentley's website ". . . we have discovered new information revealing that Todd Bentley has entered into an unhealthy relationship on an emotional level with a female member of his staff. In light of this new information and in consultation with his leaders and advisors, Todd Bentley has agreed to step down from his position on the Board of Directors and to refrain from all public ministry for a season to receive counsel in his personal … [Read more...]

AUDIO – Terry Speaks About Todd Bentley and the Lakeland, Florida 'Revival'

UPDATE - Todd Bentley has now stepped down from ministry after separating from his wife.Regular readers of my blog will know that I published some posts last week on the events in Lakeland, Florida. Terry Virgo has now made available online a talk on the subject that he gave on the events at the recent Newfrontiers Prayer and Fasting leaders meeting. You can download it or listen to it here. … [Read more...]

Jesse Phillips Gives His Final Conclusions on the Lakeland, Florida 'Revival Meetings' with Todd Bentley

UPDATE - Todd Bentley has now stepped down from ministry after separating from his wife.Over the last few days we have been reflecting on events in Florida. This will be the final post. To read the complete series, please visit the following posts:Todd Bentley and the Lakeland, Florida ‘Revival Meetings’Worship at the Lakeland, Florida ‘Revival Meetings’What is Happening in Lakeland, Florida, by Jesse PhillipsTerry Virgo Continues His Reflections on the Lakeland, Florida ‘Revival Meetings’Jesse … [Read more...]

More Reflections From Jesse Phillips on the Lakeland 'Revival Meetings'

Having shared my own thoughts, along with Jesse's view of the worship, and some other events of the evening, as well as his subsequent reflections, we resume Jesse's report today, beginning with more of his reflections on the meeting he attended. “Fourth, there was not an emphasis on preaching from a doctrinal standpoint; rather, there seemed to be a great emphasis on faith, wholeness, healing, and inner light. Again, many things were said that are true. But I think what was missing was that the … [Read more...]

Jesse Phillips Reflects on the Lakeland, Florida 'Revival Meetings'

So far, I have shared my thoughts, and my friend, Jesse, has reported on the worship and other events of the evening he attended. Today he begins to reflect on his thoughts, looking back on that experience. “Those are the events that stand out in my mind as I look back over the evening. I was able to draw out my father-in-law a bit, who has been to Toronto and Kansas City during various times of outpouring, and develop some perspective about the Lakeland Revival. There were several things that s … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo Continues His Reflections on Todd Bentley and the Lakeland, Florida 'Revival'

UPDATE - Todd Bentley has now stepped down from ministry after separating from his wife.UPDATE - Terry Virgo has also made the audio of his short talk on Todd Bentley available.I wanted to continue to post some reflections on the events occurring in Florida. Terry Virgo has now posted the second part of his comments, so I thought I'd share all the links we have so far, and then end the post with some quotes from Terry's latest post. There are also several more posts from Jesse Phillips which … [Read more...]

What is Happening in Lakeland, Florida, by Jesse Phillips

On Sunday Jesse began by speaking about his experience of the worship in the Lakeland, Florida meetings, about which I have also shared my perspective. Today he continues his report of events on the evening he attended: “After worship, Stephen Strader, pastor of Ignited Church in Lakeland, whose father, Karl, had previously been the pastor of Carpenter’s Home Church, stood up and gave some testimonies, as well as some background on the revival for those of us attending for the first time. He exp … [Read more...]