Worship at the Lakeland, Florida 'Revival Meetings'

Yesterday I spoke about my reaction to the little I know about what has been going on in meetings run by Todd Bentley in Lakeland, Florida. Today I begin a special report brought to us by my dear friend, Jesse Phillips, who is a Sovereign Grace pastor in the Florida area. He visited the meetings himself one evening. The following is his unabridged report.*************************The thing I was immediately impressed with as we showed up, and throughout the whole night, was the overwhelming sense … [Read more...]

Todd Bentley and the Lakeland, Florida 'Revival Meetings'

UPDATE - Todd Bentley has now stepped down from ministry after separating from his wife.UPDATE - I have now also published a number of other posts on Todd BentleyI have had a number of people ask me about events which are gaining a lot of attention at the moment. In the UK, a series of ‘revival’ meetings being run in Lakeland, Florida by evangelist Todd Bentley are being shown daily on God TV.Before I get into that, however, apparently British satellite TV now carries ten stations devoted to no … [Read more...]