The Apostle Paul's Blogging Checklist, Hell, and Rob Bell

Now that Rob Bell's controversial book Love Wins is on sale on both sides of the Atlantic and many other comments have been made, I am feeling like I cannot avoid engaging in the controversy, or at least should read some more material to understand it better. I did not seek out such involvement, as you can see from my post which ironically listed Five Reasons I hadn't previously blogged about Rob Bell. Since then I have posted a couple of highly relevant articles without directly addressing … [Read more...]

Interview with Dr. Jack Hayford – Part Three: Baptism with the Holy Spirit

In this final part of the interview we discuss Baptism with the Holy Spirit:Jack Hayford Interview - Part Three from Adrian Warnock on Vimeo.By now you should hopefully be able to watch the sessions from the recent 300 Leaders conference where Dr. Hayford was the speaker and book into our next event with Terry Virgo. … [Read more...]

Interview with Dr. Jack Hayford – Part Two: Growing people not a church

In this second part of the interview, Dr. Hayford speaks about his concerns about modern worship, and we discuss his book Manifest Presence. We also talked about the difference between growing a church and growing people. We discuss discipleship and the Spirit-filled life. In it he explains his view of tongues, which is very similar to mine.By now you should hopefully be able to watch the sessions from the recent 300 Leaders conference where Dr. Hayford was the speaker and book into our … [Read more...]

Interview with Dr. Jack Hayford – Part One: Longevity in ministry

In this video with my pastor, Tope Koleoso, and Dr. Jack Hayford, I first ask Tope how he decides who to invite to the 300 Conference. I then ask why Dr. Hayford has not retired and how he chooses where to minister. We discuss longevity of ministry, the need to learn from others in different wings of the Body of Christ, and the importance of passing on to others what God has given to you. You will enjoy this informal conversation with a true father in our faith:By now you should … [Read more...]

Receiving the Holy Spirit

At the recent Mobilise USA event, Tope Koleoso spoke in a seminar about receiving the Holy Spirit. I encourage you to listen to the audio of the session and some notes follow. Other audio is available from the Newfrontiers USA site.1. The MandateTHE WELL John 4:14 “Receive the Holy Spirit.” John 20:22 “be filled with the Spirit”, Ephesians 5:182. The MeansJesus is the - Baptiser in the Holy Spirit  John 1:33-34 (ESV)JOHN 7:37  "On the last day of the feast, the great day, Jesu … [Read more...]

Q and A on church leadership with Tope Koleoso and David Pask

I was the interviewer for the above Q and A which took place at the last 300 leaders conference. There were lots of interesting questions based on the two videos I posted last week.I do hope that you will consider joining us for the next event if you are a leader of any level, or aspire to be one. … [Read more...]

Multiculturalism – Can we build churches that display God’s multicolored glory?

The above video comes from the recent 300 leaders Conference. It is on a subject close to my heart: diversity. Many argue that churches will only grow if they focus on attracting one demographic of person. We at Jubilee have given our lives to trying, by God's grace, to prove that statement wrong. It hasn't all been easy, and this video shares some of the lessons we have learned over the years. … [Read more...]

Leadership and the Gospel – Lessons from Jubilee Church

The above video features both David Pask and Tope Koleoso. David provides day-to-day spiritual leadership to Jubilee Church, and Tope is the lead pastor, responsible for vision and preaching. As regular readers will know, I have been part of this church since 1995, and following 10 years of hard work and foundation forming we had around 100 people. Then, God pressed the fast forward button to the extent that at our Easter 2010 service we gathered almost 1000. We have been blessed, and are very … [Read more...]

Living by Faith (Joshua 5-6) by Tope Koleoso

Salvation belongs to the Lord. The whole Bible is a story of deliverance. God delivers his people by miracles. When they came out of Egypt they sung "who is there like you O God" They were also destined by promises. He tells them "I will give you the land." The slavish mentality needed to be broken. God opens the sea for them. He guided them with heavenly GPS, he made sure their shoes never run out. They were kept by the supernatural.But God was not pleased with them because they … [Read more...]

Live a God Centered Life – Tope Koleoso (1 Tim 4:16)

Almost 500 raucous students and twenties just created a whole lot of noise in this place. But, as a hotel guest who was not part of the conference noted, it was not because of too much drinking. The music sounded at times like it would not have been out of place at a party. There was dancing, there were hands lifted. We celebrated our Great God. There is truly no one like our Jesus. Our God really does reign. We were served well by a band that enthusiastically led us into God's … [Read more...]