PHOTOS of Mark Driscoll in London

I found a way of embedding a flikr slide show here on the blog. I hope you like these photos from Driscoll's London trip.Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR. … [Read more...]

VIDEO INTERVIEW – Mark Driscoll, Part 4 – Multiculturalism and Mission

Today I conclude my interview with Mark Driscoll. You can download the audio of the whole interviewand watch the final segment below. The three previous segments can be viewed at the following pages:Video Interview - Mark Driscoll, Part 1 - Prophecy and Newfrontiers Video Interview - Mark Driscoll, Part 2 - A Prophecy for Newfrontiers and Worship Video Interview - Mark Driscoll, Part 3 - Impressions of the UK During the course of this interview, Driscoll is very warm about … [Read more...]

VIDEO INTERVIEW – Mark Driscoll, Part 3 – Impressions of the UK

I continue my interview talking about Driscoll's impressions of the UK. … [Read more...]

VIDEO INTERVIEW – Mark Driscoll, Part 2 – A Prophecy For Newfrontiers and Worship

I continue my interview with Mark Driscoll by talking about his prophecy for Newfrontiers and his view of our worship. … [Read more...]

VIDEO INTERVIEW – Mark Driscoll, Part 1 – Prophecy and Newfrontiers

I have not yet had a chance to finalize my notes from the Dwell Conference, so I thought I'd begin sharing the video content I have from my time in Brighton. Keep coming back for more interviews, and also for the notes still outstanding.I begin my interview with Mark Driscoll by talking about his impressions of Newfrontiers and his view of prophecy. … [Read more...]

TOAM08 – Mark Driscoll on Missional Movements (Acts 1)

The audio of this message can be downloaded, or you can listen to it right here:More posts from this conference can be found on my TOAM08 label page. You can also download the mp3s of this week's talks by subscribing to the new Newfrontiers podcast, which will be an easy way for you to get access to the mp3s for free.Mark Driscoll began by thanking us again for having him, thanking us for the trust placed in him as someone we didn't know, but who had a reputation for being proactive, for the … [Read more...]

TOAM08 – Mark Driscoll's Perspective On Newfrontiers

Mark Driscoll has posted a lengthy article on his blog about how he feels his trip to the UK is going so far. I thought I'd share a few extracts here. Since Tope is my pastor, I am so glad that he and Mark are getting on well."The Newfrontiers folks are a very healthy mix of Word and Spirit. They love the Bible and the leading of God the Holy Spirit. Sometimes in the States those who are charismatic are negatively influenced by health and wealth teachers who say that, in essence, if you have … [Read more...]

SERMON – How to be Missional Every Day by Tope Koleoso

I recently posted what I trust will be a series which will be about sermons that have changed my life. It is way too early for me to claim that this past Sunday's talk by my pastor and dear friend, Tope Koleoso, will be one of those. But I could do a lot worse than allow myself to be shaped by a talk like this. I have previously shared a list of talks Tope has given that are available online, but much as I loved those talks, I believe this may be the best sermon I have ever heard him preach.I … [Read more...]

Never to Forget Memorial Day

One of the joys of being a part of this online community is that I get to celebrate holidays I would not normally celebrate. As you read this, ironically I am probably over the Atlantic on my way to the USA for a business trip to Phoenix, Arizona. Although today is a national holiday in the UK, there isn't really a reason for it. We have a number of such holidays where the idea is simply to spend time with family.But today in America is Memorial Day. I like the idea of a day to cherish the … [Read more...]

Jubilee Church International Day

Today is one of the highlights in our church calendar. Once every year we celebrate our diversity by dressing up in national costumes of the many countries we represent as a congregation. There were 25 countries represented in a feature when each of them came up to the front in typical dress, to the sound of a typical piece of their music. After telling us a little about their nation, and praying, they read Psalm 86:9-10 in their own languages."All the nations you have made shall comeand worship … [Read more...]