Thanksgiving Sermon : The Importance of Gratitude

This sermon from Tope Koleoso was very warmly received at the time. Oddly, it was preached entirely by coincidence on the Thanksgiving weekend as Tope felt prompted to preach on gratefulness. I am thrilled that it is one of his sermons that is the most visited sermon page on this blog, in spite of the fact that all that is available is a link to the mp3 file. I want to give tribute to my pastor, and thank him for all of his love and behind-the-scenes support of this blog. Tope Koleoso, my … [Read more...]

The Financial 10 Commandments

Tope, my pastor, preached this morning and last week on money (download the audio version of "Money Matters, Parts 1 and 2") and shared the following advice: Thou shalt work hard.Thou shalt establish a budget.Thou shalt avoid debt like the plague.Thou shalt distinguish between wants and needs.Thou shalt determine when enough is enough.Thou shalt not get involved in "get rich quick" schemes.Thou shalt not compete with the Joneses.Thou shalt not make any major financial decisions without getting … [Read more...]

Introducing Adrian's Pastor- Tope Koleoso

It seems to be the time for nice comments from people which is really very welcome. I have been a little disheartened of late, especially regarding all the debate about the penal substitution matter. We all benefit from receiving encouraging words- they are like an oasis in the desert. Words like the kind ones I will quote in this post encourage me to keep going.Secundum Christum found my blog through Evangelical Outpost's link to the Decablog.He is trying to create a list of Christian … [Read more...]