Sola scriptura and the wrath of God

The World of Sven has clearly wrestled honestly with some of these issues which are starting to divide the online community of "God bloggers".It is interesting talking to my wife about this. She is very gracious and loving but cannot understand why people who would deny the notion that Jesus died to take away the punishment for our sins could be considered Christians.I choose to interact with people like Sven and Richard simply because I consider them first as people that I should reach out … [Read more...]

Blogging has no tone of voice

I am going to have to be more careful about my sense of humour. Responding to Sven's parody I decided to respond in kind with a humorous post. I also posted what I hoped was a funny post about Jollyblogger at the same time. Unfortunately tone of voice is not captured in a blog post and it may be that some people interpreted me as being stroppy. For that I apologise.I think I will be more careful about what I say in the future. I honestly dont see my interactions over penal substitution as a … [Read more...]

Steve Chalke and "The Lost Message of Jesus"

UPDATE 2014 Almost ten years on from this controversy, Steve Chalke's Oasis was ejected from the Evangelical Alliance.UPDATE November 2008- Steve Chalke has expressed his views more fully in a chapter in The Atonement Debate, and I have posted a response to this.I felt like a lonely figure back in 2004 with my strong criticism of Steve Chalke's views on the atonement. I argued that his words were close to blasphemy at the time. John Piper would subsequently accuse Chalke directly of … [Read more...]

More on Free Will

Perhaps I overstated slightly it in my previous post on this subject when I said there was no such thing as free will. But in struggling to find words to express what I am trying to say, as ever the theologians help, so here goes with some quotes which might clarify my position.R.C.Sproul said "God is free. I am free. God is more free than I am. If my freedom runs up against God's freedom, I lose. His freedom restricts mine; my freedom does not restrict his." (in Chosen by God) Later in the … [Read more...]

Enough with the compliments already……..

Mr. Standfast has joined the latest game on the internet, lets see who can compliment Adrian the best! Being in the same sentance as the jollyblogger is almost as good as being in the same sentance as Wayne Grudem. Perhaps I should score the ego-enhancing properties of each of these compliments, and run over to vessel of honour for a quick blog beating to keep me humble! "Just a quick note this morning to point my readers toward a conversation that's been going between two of the finest … [Read more...]

Adrian blushes but cant resist quoting a complement…….

Jollyblogger has done something I never thought I would see- He has put my name and Wayne Grudem's in the same sentance!"People like Adrian and Bob at Mister Standfast, and Wayne Grudem are examples of the maturity of the modern charismatic movement."If this sentance is true it is true because of my exposure to teaching from so many great men of God, some of whom he mentions in his post, which is well worth a read. I will respond more fully to the content of his cessationist post at a later … [Read more...]