Nonsense poem

Nonsense is thingsThat whisk me awayFrom normal lifeOn a boring dayNonsense is strangeIts truly weirdLike a man with birdsLiving in his beardNonsense is naughtyIt makes me badI painted the puppyAnd mum went madNonsense is sillyI wonder whySome birds have wingsAnd cannot flyNonsense is funIt makes me laughLike keeping your clothes onIn the bathNonsense is greatIt makes me giggleLike making your earsAnd eyebrows wriggleNonsense is madIts such a screamLike eating your sausagesWith your ice … [Read more...]

Hello everyone Let m

Hello everyone. Let me introduce myself.My name is David Routledge, and I am counted as blessed to be first a friend of Adrian's, and second to have been invited to be a guest blogger whilst he is on his family holiday. I feel I must point out that I do not have as much theological knowledge as my humble friend, nor am I as mature in Christ as he is; so I am grateful to accept his gracious invitation and will endeavour to uphold the values of this site and will do my best not to disappoint the … [Read more...]

Inspired by female bloggers!

Pigwotflies has inspired me to post on my husband's blog! Adrian and I also recently met Mrs Blogotional and her husband in London and I was very impressed that Mrs Blogotional showed such a keen interest in the blogging scene! I felt spurred on to get more 'in the know' about Adrian's antics in the blogosphere and get to know the lingo etc. I also thought I would like to post occasionally if I can think of something interesting to say. Mrs Blogotional posts some fantastic artwork with scripture … [Read more...]

A great day out with a great guy

I had a fantastic day out with my wonderful husband Adrian. Thank you for ten of the best years of my life. Here it is, the first post ever on your blog!!! Love from your wife Andree … [Read more...]

A personal Christmas message and seasonal greeting…..

This post is predominantly for anyone who in the run up to Christmas does what I just did and trys to google for an old friend. I found his website and dropped him an email. So anyone who actually knows us and stumbles across this site here is my news! Some of this may be of interest to a few of my regular readers, but if not I apologise!The run up to this Christmas seems even busier than usual. We have had builders in the loft and utility room in the last couple of weeks and the good news is … [Read more...]

Out of the mouths of babes….

Tamasin has been a realy cutey today. Andrée was playing piano and getting frustrated at how a particular aspect was difficult. Tamasin patted her on the shoulder and said 'Its such a shame mummy, you havent anyone here to help you with your piano- you help me but no one helps you.'Then this evening, I asked her to tell ME a bible story. She switched out the light and begun very seriously 'Once it was all dark. Then God was fed up. Because he didnt have anyone to talk to he decided to make … [Read more...]

Counting blessings combats holiday blues, studies show

Being grateful is good for you. 'What are you greatful for?' asks mamamusingsWhere to start? Thank you God for my lovely wife Andrée Warnock (who was born Andrée Hamer) who puts up with far more than any woman should have to, and who is the best person I have met in the whole world. Also, for four wonderful kids who love me to death and make me so proud (Henry singing at the church party and Joel shuffling along the furniture both did me in!!For extended family, for friends- esp Ant who I … [Read more...]