We grieve, but not in the same way as those who have no hope

This is going to be a very personal post, full of reflections on the death just yesterday of my Father-in-Law. But before I get into that, being me, I have to begin with a very important point of Bible understanding.  For I know that many Christians feel secretly guilty for the fact they are grieving.  They ask themselves, "why am I crying when I know that my loved one has gone to a better place?"I hope to reassure all of my readers who are currently in mourning, and every single one of you w … [Read more...]

Bringing warmth to a fathers heart

One of my children came downstairs, after being in their room for ages yesterday, with the following list of verses. They had obviously spent a long time going thru a bible looking at highlighted verses and choosing, as they put it, their "favorite ones". I think its a pretty good list, actually, and I am grateful for the grace of God at work in this dear child of mine despite all their father's failings and imperfections. Nothing that I could hope to ever accomplish with the blog will be of … [Read more...]

10 Things I learnt on my summer "break"

Following just over a month of this self-imposed near-total break from my online life (obviously not including my paid work!) what have I discovered?Wordpress's auto-publish feature is bullet-proof and a real gift You hardly missed me as a result of 1. and my kind guest bloggers. Indeed, traffic remained pretty high considering it was August. Phil Moore is better than I am at explaining why digital fasts are so important. A week is definitely not long enough It took me much longer before I … [Read more...]

16 Things I am grateful for by Charis Warnock

This is a guest post from my daughter Charis (aged 9). We would do well to follow her example in listing things that she is grateful to God for.  I am sure you don't need me to tell you how pleased I was to read this, especially to see a few of the items she listed.  Here is her list, written without any help:God the bible church the resurrection food water play/fun family friends shelter toys/games sports school/education art music drama/acting … [Read more...]

Life Is So Short But So Precious

I want you to take a good long look at your husband or wife today. Right now. Go look at them. Do the same for any children you have. And think of your closest friends too. Then thank God for them. You don't know how long you will have them. They could be gone in an instant.I could have lost my beautiful daughter Charis today. If the chicken bone that stuck in her throat had done so just a bit more aggressively . . . or, if when it finally dislodged, it had gone fully into her windpipe instead … [Read more...]

A Lovely Way to Start the Year

My lovely wife and I were both sitting here on our laptops next to each other in the lounge while the children were quietly doing things upstairs. It was a truly idyllic scene as my darling was editing the latest chapter of my book that I've been working on in some spare time over Christmas. I hope I haven't neglected the family too much this Christmas—we have had some fun. Anyway, I must confess that, perhaps unsurprisingly, the scene hasn't always been this peaceful this holiday, but it was a … [Read more...]

Out of the Mouths . . .

We had a lot of fun with our American visitors over the weekend. Some of my kids and I went to London with them on Saturday. We visited St Paul's, the Westminster area, and the Tower of London, which we reached by boat. It was a great day, whose highlight for me was surely the following quotes:Tamasin—"Why did you come all the way from America to look at all these dead people when there are plenty of living ones in our country as well?"Henry—"That statue over there is supposed to … [Read more...]

Some Charis Art and Henry Warnock's New Website

UPDATEHenry Warnock has started a new website. Follow the link to visit it. … [Read more...]

Charis Warnock's First Story

Over the last few days Charis, my younger daughter, has been writing stories all by herself. Here are the first two she has ever written:Baby PlaysBabies are a gift from God. Thank you for baby laughing, baby crawling, baby bouncing, baby rolling, baby playing peekaboo hide your eyes! This first one was, in fact it turns out, copied from a book. The second one was made up by Charis. The Princess and the King They lived in a big castle, where there lived a dragon. The dragon took the princess … [Read more...]

While Warnie's Away, the Discussion on Tongues and Charismatic Gifts Continues

Well, here I am — just back from holiday — and what do I find? Talk about whilst the cat's away the mice will play?!?Over at TeamPyro, Dan has a four part response to my set of questions on tongues and gifts which I bashed out quickly before I left. I have read all of Dan’s posts and every one of the comments. Sadly, it seems that there are few, if any, charismatics who read TeamPyro, or if they do, they seem too frit of Dan to respond!I want to say right at the outset that I respect and admire D … [Read more...]