Father Warnie

No I havent gone Catholic, just thought I'd post this somewhat cute picture which was taken today shortly after Charis had fallen from a tree!  … [Read more...]

About "punching day"

Charis was speaking about christmas the other day (it is almost all we are talking about in our family nowadays!). She said "and after Christmas day its Punching Day, isnt it Daddy....." … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Narnia

I have just one thing to say to conservative christians who criticise the Narnia film for teaching an alternative theory of the atonement -ITS A STORY, NOT A SEMINARY CLASSWe have watched it, and I didnt think about the nuances of the atonement once! The story is a great fantasy story which happens to reflect some aspects of the story of Jesus. One of my children (I think it was Charis) said it was the best film she had ever seen. We all loved the film and were enraptured by it.I have to … [Read more...]

Childrens book review: most of all Jesus loves you

"Most of all Jesus loves you" by Noel Piper is simple and to an adults eye I initially thought it would not interest many of my kids. With four kids ranging from 4-8 we have a fairly good laboratory to test books out.When I first read this book to our two year old Joel and our four year old, Charis it was a real hit. Charis asked all kinds of questions about God, and we had one of the best chats yet. After having it read to him, our six year old Henry asked to take this book to bed with him. … [Read more...]

The simple gospel in 10 points

My lovely wife taught sunday school for 4-7s today (which includes our children Charis and Joel. She explained the gospel, summarising it into 10 points. If the kids can understand this, why is it that certain people want to make it more complicated and won't accept this as it is?1. Everyone has Sinned2. God hates sin3. Sin must be punished4. Jesus took the punishment instead of us on the cross5. Admit you have been naughty6. Believe that Jesus took your punishment7. Say sorry to … [Read more...]

A personal Christmas message and seasonal greeting…..

This post is predominantly for anyone who in the run up to Christmas does what I just did and trys to google for an old friend. I found his website and dropped him an email. So anyone who actually knows us and stumbles across this site here is my news! Some of this may be of interest to a few of my regular readers, but if not I apologise!The run up to this Christmas seems even busier than usual. We have had builders in the loft and utility room in the last couple of weeks and the good news is … [Read more...]

Blogging for the children

Euan at The Obvious?? states : "my reason for trying to give The Obvious? a positive outlook is not so much that I am trying to hide any negative feelings from myself or from those who read me as trying to counter the overwhelmingly negative tone of so much of what we read, hear and see in the media. I remember clearly, when I started writing my blog, feeling that I wanted to do my bit to make the internet the sort of place I woulkd want my kids to grow up in."I guess I also blog at least in … [Read more...]