Swine Flu Apparently Reaches The Warnocks

The Swine Flu global epidemic is the first of the 24/7 media era. It seems the mainstream media can't quite seem to decide whether to whip us all up into a panic with stories of children dying or lead us to total complacency with stories of swine flu parties and reassurance that the majority of deaths "had underlying medical problems anyway," as though that makes it OK somehow!The reality is of course somewhere in between. There are healthy people dying. Not in large numbers. Over the coming … [Read more...]

Adrian's Story Part One – Conversion

One of the things about a blog is that it is, by its very nature, a very personal thing. You meet not just a set of ideas, but a person. A few years ago I set about sharing the brief story of my life with you all. In some ways it feels like a strange thing to do, which is probably why I never completed it!But, I do think that knowing a bit more about my background will help you understand my blogging better and to know where I am coming from. Therefore I have decided to repost and expand that … [Read more...]

EOS 5D Mark II Testing Rode Videomic and iMovie

EOS 5D Mark II Testing Rode Videomic and iMovie from Adrian Warnock on Vimeo.This is just my third piece of video. For some reason I cant seem to get it to autofocus, and I also cant seem to get it to "freeze" the settings using the star button. So because of that I havent got both of them quite in focus.But none of that was the real point of the video. I wanted to compare the on board mic and the Rode Mono Videomic. This required stitching the two videos together. I noticed that iMovie … [Read more...]

2nd EOS 5D Mark II Test – George Sleeping

2nd EOS 5D Mark II Test Video - George Sleeping from Adrian Warnock on Vimeo.Well, we figured out how to use a tripod! We also set it onto the green square automatic setting and used a manual focus, honing in on the baby's eyes before filming. I quite like this effect. But we are of course still learning and this is only the second clip we took. … [Read more...]

A Lovely Way to Start the Year

My lovely wife and I were both sitting here on our laptops next to each other in the lounge while the children were quietly doing things upstairs. It was a truly idyllic scene as my darling was editing the latest chapter of my book that I've been working on in some spare time over Christmas. I hope I haven't neglected the family too much this Christmas—we have had some fun. Anyway, I must confess that, perhaps unsurprisingly, the scene hasn't always been this peaceful this holiday, but it was a … [Read more...]

Personal Review of the Year

It's that time of year again. As I have done in previous years, I thought I would take the opportunity to reflect on the year that was. This post will consider personal matters, family matters, and my church.The year began with my regular tradition of putting the blog onto autopilot to give me time to reflect, pray, and recuperate. I have a tendency to end the year feeling exhausted and drained, and find the discipline of switching off my blog after the holiday period gives me a real lift. This … [Read more...]

Is This Five-Word Prayer One of the Best We Could Ever Pray?

My son, Joel, often wants to pray “Thank you, God, for everything!” I never know whether to congratulate him or tell him to pray a so-called "proper" prayer. Truth is, it IS a proper prayer! … [Read more...]

What Is The Purpose of This Mysterious Gauge On The Underground?

I wrote this post today on my way to the hospital with my son, Henry. I've taken the day off to be with him while he undergoes major dental surgery.Henry is a very observant boy and noticed the gauge that's pictured here under one of the seats on the train. We watched it and it fluctuated randomly, but seemed to go up when the train was stationary and down when it was moving.The Internet is a great way to tap into the pooled intelligence of its readers. So help me answer my son's question—what i … [Read more...]

Living with Somebody Watching Your Every Move

I was reading this piece about the latest in "reality TV" and wondering what is it about people that makes them want to volunteer to have somebody install cameras in their home and watch everything they do for several months. We all value our privacy, and I know I wouldn't want cameras to be broadcasting everything that happens in my home. We are a normal family, and so there are some things that, let's just say, I would rather keep private. There is, of course, no doubt that knowing such … [Read more...]

What's Your Name and Where Do You Come From?

I came across this interesting website that maps your surname, showing where your extended family comes from. It's fascinating that most people don't seem to move very far from their place of birth, and as a result, there are strong concentrations of surnames in particular countries, regions, and even cities.So, for Warnock, I found the following countries most strongly represented. The figures represent the number of Warnocks per million of population.NEW ZEALAND — 60.08IRELAND — 50.74AUSTRALIA … [Read more...]