Sea World and Mardi Gras

Saturday was Sea World day and the Mardi Gras. Tamasin described it as follows in her diary:Today we went to Sea World. Sea World is joined up with Discovery Cove (the place with the dolphins). Sea World was really cool. They had a roller coaster (it was easy but fun) and a water ride. I got so wet I had to buy a new top. There was loads of shows, including a dolphin and whale show, an otter and sea lion one, one nothing to do with animals but called itself a circus, another with big massive … [Read more...]

Wet n' Wild in Orlando, Florida

We learned an invaluable lesson today about vacations in Florida. You really can't do it all, and you actually don't want to. Having spent a stimulating and enjoyable day at Universal Studios yesterday, we took someone's advice and decided to have a day at a waterpark before hitting Islands of Adventure tomorrow. The idea of a less full day in-between parks is very sensible. On the way into the park, we were feeling excited, and only mildly apprehensive at the sheer height of the slide rides. We … [Read more...]

The Journey is Over . . . the Adventure Begins!

We made it!!Tamasin said: In the end, when we finally arrived in Orlando, it was about 5:15 p.m. We went to our hotel, grabbed some food. and went to a sort of party with an outdoor swimming pool. It was great.Henry said in his diary: We're here. I'm at the hotel and I have just been to its huge lovely swimming pool. It's past 10, but in England it's 3 in the morning. Tomorrow we're going to Universal Parks, and we'll keep going there until the week is up. But we have a whole other week, so … [Read more...]

At the Airport . . .

We're sitting at Gatwick, having enjoyed what I fear may be our last healthy meal for a couple of weeks! We ate a fruit salad, a chicken, bacon and salad sandwich, and fresh fruit yogurt between us. I may be wrong, but my image of Orlando doesn't include healthy salads being available. Tamasin is particularly worried that we may be forced to eat hot dogs all week. Henry and I just want to make sure we find a good steakhouse.I was surprised at how I had a moment of sadness saying goodbye to the … [Read more...]

America Beware . . . Warnie is Back!!

Yep—that's right! This post marks the return of Warnie. I just can't keep away any longer! Not only am I returning to reasonably regular fresh blogging, in less than 12 hours I'll be jumping on a plane and living the "American dream" for two whole weeks! After much careful thought, I've also decided that you're going to be allowed to share in this dream vacation.We're staying the first week at the Universal Resort and the second week at Disney. Internet access permitting, you'll be able to read a … [Read more...]

Introducing My Most Widely Read Blog Posts

First up, let me wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR, and may 2008 bring rich blessings to you and your family!Beginning tomorrow, and for the next month or so—during my extended blog leave—I have arranged to highlight the thirty most read posts of all time from this blog.These posts were selected on the basis of the number of visits to the individual post pages during the second half of 2007. Much of this, of course, reflects the extent of traffic sent from Google on certain subjects, but that, in tur … [Read more...]

Review of the Year – The Warnock Family

The past twelve months have been relatively stable for us as a family. It is the first year for awhile that none of us have started a new job, or a new school (although Joel did move up from the school's nursery class to reception). We have not moved, and we certainly haven't moved church. We intend for this stability to continue, God willing, for years to come. Certainly we hope that our children will see out their schooling from our current home somewhere in North London.Of course, the top … [Read more...]

Out of the Mouths . . .

We had a lot of fun with our American visitors over the weekend. Some of my kids and I went to London with them on Saturday. We visited St Paul's, the Westminster area, and the Tower of London, which we reached by boat. It was a great day, whose highlight for me was surely the following quotes:Tamasin—"Why did you come all the way from America to look at all these dead people when there are plenty of living ones in our country as well?"Henry—"That statue over there is supposed to … [Read more...]

Photography With a MacBook and iPhoto – Rob Rufus Photos

Observant readers of my blog will have noticed that I didn't post any larger photos of Rob Rufus when I spoke about Together On A Mission and interviewed Rob Rufus. One reason for this was that the snapshots I took while we were together were ruined in my hurry as I had the camera on the wrong setting. As a result the color was all wrong and I thought they were beyond salvation. Well, my MacBook and the wonderful iPhoto software came to the rescue. I have never been able to understand … [Read more...]

Happy 10th Birthday Tamasin Joy Warnock

Ten years ago today I was experiencing very similar feelings to the ones I am today. I was exhausted, and in awe of my resilient wife for what she had just gone through. We had also had experienced a bit of concern about the birth which, like little George's, had been far from straightforward. Like today, we were thanking God for His intervention in our lives and a safe arrival.Tamasin — on this your tenth birthday — I want the world to know how glad I am you entered our world on the 11th March 1 … [Read more...]