TRAVEL DIARY – Meeting the JollyBlogger

David Wayne has been my truest and closest blogging friend for what feels like a decade in blog years. My respect for him knows no bounds, and his blogging is the most gracious, yet insightful, I have ever come across. Today I met David, together with his wife and daughter, and became even more impressed. They are truly a jolly family.You can tell a lot about a man by his children. There is no doubt that the Jollette is a credit to David. How many 13 year olds are self-assured enough to be … [Read more...]

Joel's Prayer

Hello, Tamasin here! I would just like to tell you a funny story about my youngest brother Joel. Once we all went to the prayer meeting together as a family and near the end there was a time where people were praying for one another. My mum was looking after Joel, and asked him to pray. So Joel said, assuming that this was the only prayer that existed, 'Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for this lovely food, Amen!' And I thought it was hilarious!! … [Read more...]

Warnie Returns!

Well, I am back! Normal blogging will resume around here shortly – well, maybe not normal – it is me we are talking about!Anyway, good old Paul Schafer, the King of Lists, has generated a list of most of my personal and family posts from the previous years. I have had a lot of fun going back and re-reading some of these – some of the ones which report what my kids said are priceless – you can expect to see more of such personal stuff here in the months to come!Children are a blessing Learning to … [Read more...]

Tamasin Launches Her Own Website!

With a bit of help from her dad, here is Tamasin's Website.Here is the text of the site, in case it ever changes . . . .Totally TamasinHi! This is Tamasin here. Welcome to MY website! My cool friend, Finlay, also has a webpage of her own called ChocolateCats3 - go and leave her a message!My Favorite JokesWhy did the dinosaur cross the road?Because it wanted to crush the cars! ... (I made this up and then shouted it out to a whole load of people when I was just seven and everyone laughed!)Doctor, … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Tamasin 9 today!

My first born is nine years old today and quite the young lady. Fortunately, however, she is not too old for a new cuddly toy friend! My responsibility as a husband and father takes the prime call on my time, so no more blogging for me today!  … [Read more...]

A deliberate mistake from Mohler?

Over on Together for the Gospel Al says of CBMW: "Randy Stinson does a great job as executive director and Lig as hairman". I reckon that it was a deliberate mistake and was a joke at poor CJ's follicularly-challenged state (ie CJs bald and Lig isnt!)I am enjoying their blog more than ever go read its much more interesting than mine is at the moment, especially as Tamasin and Henry have been hijacking it! … [Read more...]

My Dads most embarassing moment

Hello this is me Henry here. I want to tell you about my Dad's most embarrassing moment. I do quite like this picture but my Dad was a bit silly when he took it. One morning on a holiday with my mum he woke up and saw the beautiful sunrise. He lept out of bed, grabbed his camera and went out onto the patio to take this picture. The trouble was door swung shut and he realised he was still wearing his boxer shorts and a tea shirt! He had to wander around outside for quite a while until he … [Read more...]

Tamasin again

Hello it's me again Tamasin. You probably know this but my Dad has a new camera so you would think my Dad has taken lots of photo's, well not exactly. My Mum took this photo of me to put up on the wall in my new house so I thought I'd put my own version of it up on the blog....... … [Read more...]

My Father the slouch

Hello, Tamasin here, you might of heard of me from my dads blogging. I thought I would get my own back. You think my Dad is a famous blogger, but I thought I'd tell you the truth! My father is a big lazy slouch! He never likes to sit up straight on the sofa. I took this photo of him in his normal pose!!!!  … [Read more...]

Running the race

Tamasin (which incidently is said TAM-ZIN with the a short like in "apple") knows how to run. After all, shes a child. I on the other hand have forgotten how to run and rarely do so. How like the christian life is that sometimes? We must learn how to keep going just as strong after years as we were at the beginning......  … [Read more...]