My Dads most embarassing moment

Hello this is me Henry here. I want to tell you about my Dad's most embarrassing moment. I do quite like this picture but my Dad was a bit silly when he took it. One morning on a holiday with my mum he woke up and saw the beautiful sunrise. He lept out of bed, grabbed his camera and went out onto the patio to take this picture. The trouble was door swung shut and he realised he was still wearing his boxer shorts and a tea shirt! He had to wander around outside for quite a while until he … [Read more...]

Tamasin again

Hello it's me again Tamasin. You probably know this but my Dad has a new camera so you would think my Dad has taken lots of photo's, well not exactly. My Mum took this photo of me to put up on the wall in my new house so I thought I'd put my own version of it up on the blog....... … [Read more...]

My Father the slouch

Hello, Tamasin here, you might of heard of me from my dads blogging. I thought I would get my own back. You think my Dad is a famous blogger, but I thought I'd tell you the truth! My father is a big lazy slouch! He never likes to sit up straight on the sofa. I took this photo of him in his normal pose!!!!  … [Read more...]

Running the race

Tamasin (which incidently is said TAM-ZIN with the a short like in "apple") knows how to run. After all, shes a child. I on the other hand have forgotten how to run and rarely do so. How like the christian life is that sometimes? We must learn how to keep going just as strong after years as we were at the beginning......  … [Read more...]

Warnie Junior

A budding blogger of the future? For now he'd rather climb a tree. But behold, this is my eldest son, Henry and in him I am well pleased! This was taken at Forty Hall Park yesterday.  … [Read more...]

Mother Warnie

Thought it was about time you saw the more attractive half of my marriage! This is Mrs Warnie with Tamasin and Joel. It was taken last month at a pantomime!  … [Read more...]

Father Warnie

No I havent gone Catholic, just thought I'd post this somewhat cute picture which was taken today shortly after Charis had fallen from a tree!  … [Read more...]

The year in review

Its that time of the year when we look back, get all misty eyed and think about the year that was. This will probably be a long post, in it I will first reflect on the ridiculously flattering but also rather humbling level of readership that has come this way in 2005, then I will review the highlights of the blogging year for me. Its my chance to think about what I have liked about blogging this year- who knows you might find even some interesting posts you would like to go back and read. … [Read more...]

Blogspotting the ESV, interviews and other posts

I am enjoying the christmas break, but as a compulsive blogger how can I resist the urge to at least do a quick "blogspotting" post? Its been quite a while since my last.Popularised by The Curator blogspotting is quite simply a way of thanking other bloggers for taking notice of this one. So what have people been saying?InterviewsThe Josh Harris interview has been linked to extensively, and many are very gracious about it claiming it to be a significant contribution to our understanding of … [Read more...]

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

I just lost at chess to my daughter Tamasain who is not yet nine! In my defence I did surrender my queen voluntarily at the beginning of the game, but in what might be a scent of things to come, I totally missed her ability to swoop down with her castle to do a basic "back row" checkmate. I had no defences that would stop it and as she helpfully pointed out afterwards I should have moved a pawn forward earlier in the game to give my king a way out. O the indignity of it! Still at least I … [Read more...]