About "punching day"

Charis was speaking about christmas the other day (it is almost all we are talking about in our family nowadays!). She said "and after Christmas day its Punching Day, isnt it Daddy....." … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Narnia

I have just one thing to say to conservative christians who criticise the Narnia film for teaching an alternative theory of the atonement -ITS A STORY, NOT A SEMINARY CLASSWe have watched it, and I didnt think about the nuances of the atonement once! The story is a great fantasy story which happens to reflect some aspects of the story of Jesus. One of my children (I think it was Charis) said it was the best film she had ever seen. We all loved the film and were enraptured by it.I have to … [Read more...]

A Christmas poem by Tamasin

The other night my daughter was getting ready to go to sleep and she asked me "Dad, how long is it to Christmas?" I said, "well do you know the date today?". She did a quick sum and said "23 days to go thats a long time....I remember last year when it was only 2 days to go and that was SUCH a long time......"For me, my advancing age makes me stop wishing my life away. There is too much to enjoy with every passing day! Anwyay, here is Tamasin's Christmas poem:Christmas tree, Chrsitmas … [Read more...]

Nonsense poem

Nonsense is thingsThat whisk me awayFrom normal lifeOn a boring dayNonsense is strangeIts truly weirdLike a man with birdsLiving in his beardNonsense is naughtyIt makes me badI painted the puppyAnd mum went madNonsense is sillyI wonder whySome birds have wingsAnd cannot flyNonsense is funIt makes me laughLike keeping your clothes onIn the bathNonsense is greatIt makes me giggleLike making your earsAnd eyebrows wriggleNonsense is madIts such a screamLike eating your sausagesWith your ice … [Read more...]

Is Big Ben the "doctor who place" Joel?

My son Joel (age 2) is bright, but like all kids has a slightly different view of the world than we do.He just pottered up to my PC and saw the picture at the top of my blog. He said "Look, Daddy's at the Doctor Who place, he is!"Isnt it funny that though we live in London, he only knows of Big Ben because of the events of the New Doctor Who episode Aliens of LondonIt was one of the best episodes of the new series, in my view. As I have been writing this post, the speech by Joel about Doctor … [Read more...]

And the first shall be last…….

Its obviously a divinely-ordered season of humbling for some of the more well-linked blogs in the Blogdom of God. After a prolonged season of not updating, the system is now trying to update the rankings - which some of us probably pay too much attention to. My daughter Tamasin is always asking me "whats your number today Daddy?"Today, five bloggers ought to be delighted as in a shuffling that can only be divinely inspired bloggers who are not normally near the top of the rankings have been … [Read more...]

Childrens book review: most of all Jesus loves you

"Most of all Jesus loves you" by Noel Piper is simple and to an adults eye I initially thought it would not interest many of my kids. With four kids ranging from 4-8 we have a fairly good laboratory to test books out.When I first read this book to our two year old Joel and our four year old, Charis it was a real hit. Charis asked all kinds of questions about God, and we had one of the best chats yet. After having it read to him, our six year old Henry asked to take this book to bed with him. … [Read more...]

Teaching kids about lifes knocks, or "you give and take away"

I hope I never forget a conversation I had with Tamasin and Henry my two oldest children last night. Already my kids know most of the bible stories well and like me can become almost too familiar with them. I suddenly realised, however that we had never told them the story of Job, however. So, reading slowly and stopping along the way to discuss it and where necessary paraphrasing the ESV version of Job 1 became their bible story last night. I began by reading: "There was a man in the land of … [Read more...]

Hello everyone Let m

Hello everyone. Let me introduce myself.My name is David Routledge, and I am counted as blessed to be first a friend of Adrian's, and second to have been invited to be a guest blogger whilst he is on his family holiday. I feel I must point out that I do not have as much theological knowledge as my humble friend, nor am I as mature in Christ as he is; so I am grateful to accept his gracious invitation and will endeavour to uphold the values of this site and will do my best not to disappoint the … [Read more...]

Inspired by female bloggers!

Pigwotflies has inspired me to post on my husband's blog! Adrian and I also recently met Mrs Blogotional and her husband in London and I was very impressed that Mrs Blogotional showed such a keen interest in the blogging scene! I felt spurred on to get more 'in the know' about Adrian's antics in the blogosphere and get to know the lingo etc. I also thought I would like to post occasionally if I can think of something interesting to say. Mrs Blogotional posts some fantastic artwork with scripture … [Read more...]