What is Love?

Today I was thinking about love. I asked my daughter, Tamasin, what the word "love" means, and also checked the Oxford Dictionaries Online (both English and American). Let's just say my daughter got it right and not those academics at Oxford!The dictionaries both defined love simply as "an intense feeling of deep affection" - which surprised me more than it perhaps should. My daughter is already well indoctrinated in a godly Christian worldview and defined love very differently:"Love is when you … [Read more...]

Setting life goals

When I was 9 I wrote some goals. These included scoring goals in football (I never did!), going on holiday on my own, learning more about Jesus and being able to prophecy.My 8 year old daughter, Tamasin recently found this and wrote two goals of her own-1. To go on holiday to 5 different countries2. To be a full ChristianWhen asked what a full Christian is she said something like this-"When Children want to be Christians they are not quite sure. Its obvious when adults like you are Christians. … [Read more...]

The Gigantic blogger by Henry Warnock

Not to be outdone by his sister, here is my son Henry's work:My sister the church girl spends her time writing poems.My brother loves to play in the moonMy other sister hates to singMy mum loves to knitMy Dad loves to WRITE BLOGS ON THE INTERNET! … [Read more...]

My whatever the famous whatever- by Tamasin Warnock

Here is a poem by my daughter Tamasin:My Mum the famous knitter Spends her time knittingMy Brother the famous racer Spends his time racingMy Sister the famous dancer Spends her time dancingMy Dad the famous blogger Spends his time BLOGGING! … [Read more...]

A great day out with a great guy

I had a fantastic day out with my wonderful husband Adrian. Thank you for ten of the best years of my life. Here it is, the first post ever on your blog!!! Love from your wife Andree … [Read more...]

My story…..part three

Following on frompart 1 and part 2 I suddenly realised it was over a month on and I hadnt posted part three yet. Anyway, we left me receiving the holy spirit as a young child. My parents then allowed me to be baptised quoting the words Peter used about Cornellius as jusfication.Acts 10:47 "Can anyone withhold water for baptizing these people, who have received the Holy Spirit just as we have? After receiving the Sprit and being baptised, very quickly I began to prophecy regularly in church. At … [Read more...]

Henry Warnock's first story

Maybe one day my son will be a famous novelist. Probably not, but just in case here is his first story, written tonight all by himselfOnce there was a dragon. He was hungry so he went out of his cave. He caught a man. The dragon was about to eat him but a little boy threw a stone and the dragon fell down dead. By Henry David WarnockUPDATEHenry Warnock has now started his own website! … [Read more...]

UK Mothers Day poem: My Mum is

My daughter Tamasin has written a poem about her mum for Mothers day. Yes, it IS mothering sunday tomorrow in the UK- I know it is a different day in the USA.My Mum IsMy mum loves me because I love herYou give me cuddlesMums are the bestUs together is like trees and flowersMums are like angels sent from heavenIce cream and lavendar are no way as nice as my mumSo here it is, nothing is better than my mum Andree … [Read more...]

Poems about school colours and bedtime

My daughter Tamasin has written three more poems about school, colours and bedtime.SchoolScience is fun- electricity springs and magnetsContinue working after breakHistory in our green topic booksOut the school doors into spring- a lovely playtimeOr a delicious lunchLiteracy time- a nice story or poemColersColours are great look at thisOrange like the booming sunLillac like a brand new sparkling dressEmerald blue like the golden seaRed like beutiful rosesSilver like the shining … [Read more...]

Heaven is at the cinema

Today we met to pray and thank God for the excelent Alpha Course evening we had on Thursday. We had a number of prophecies about how God was going to continue to bless us at that place, and one person said the cinema was going to be known as a place where God is. I asked my daughter Tamasin what she thought of that on the way home. her answer?What, so its like heaven is at the cinema? Well it is for me. … [Read more...]