What is relational Christianity?

When I was just four I became a part of a family of churches that was subsequently called Newfrontiers. Terry Virgo was the founder of that group. One of our rallying calls was a call to "relational Christianity." This call is as relevant now as it has ever been. A few days ago Terry posted a couple of tweets about this: You are welcome to church life shaped & formatted by business psychology and procedure. I prize brotherly love and comradeship always!— Terry Virgo (@TerryVirgo) May 2 … [Read more...]

Guest post from Mrs W: “Regarding Wet Ugg Boots”

My wife wrote this humorous little ditty, and as I haven't been posting anything much lately due to my January semi-fast from social media, she agreed to let me publish it here.  Please let her know here what you think of it in the comments section below and be nice to her, she is my wife! A silly poem fabricated in my mind during my rainy walk this morning with Albert, a poke at how we can get stressed about silly things! (From a Christian's perspective):It's raining on me Ugg … [Read more...]

A big thank you to all my top 25 referrers

There are many search engines and individual websites that help people to find this blog.   At this time of year I like to thank those who have sent the most traffic with a link-out.  This year I thought I would start with the big ones who I have usually ignored.  There is no doubt that Google continues to dominate this list. A lot of traffic comes from people who have a bookmark to the site, so add this and other sites you like to read to your favorites right now.The one with the most gr … [Read more...]

“We wish you a very merry Christmas”

T'was the night before the night before Christmas, and all was calm and quiet.....Not in most houses it wasn't!I know how this thing goes. There are last minute gifts to buy. There is food to wrap and presents to cook...did I get something wrong there?Fortunately, many of us men have a saint for a wife who carries the vast majority of the load at this time of year. But we still have no business reading or writing blogs over the next few days!So, I hope that you are looking forward to … [Read more...]

My blog comment policy

Every now and then as I have multiple responsibilities, I find it helpful to lay aside at least one of those things. I find it can feel like a holiday even if I continue other tasks. Also, for bloggers and others who are at least to some degree in the public eye, comments, tweets, and Facebook updates hold a particular danger.  It is possible to become addicted to checking your comments and to interacting. It is healthy therefore to try to disengage from this from time to time and make sure that … [Read more...]

Don’t follow me, follow Jesus

Earlier this year I was speaking with my Grandfather who has just turned 90 years old. He has followed Jesus since being a boy. He is still as sharp as ever. I was showing him the new design for my blog here on Patheos.com.  He was looking at it intently, and his eyes alighted on a single phrase in my sidebar.  It said "Follow Adrian Warnock."   In a flash, he said with some force "We should be following Jesus, not Adrian!"   Of course I replied with some platitude about how Twitter has chan … [Read more...]

Save money on your groceries: shop online

If you are anything like me, January brings a re-examination of your financial priorities. It is a great month to look back, not just at the extravagances of Christmas, but at where your money was spent the whole year. We have been using iBank to help us in that process. This job of planing a budget for this year, and looking at how your money was spent last year can be both depressing and yet contain pleasant surprises! But, facing the facts of your situation is the first way to change it. Like … [Read more...]

The best of the blog: 2012

Most years, at around this time I like to review the highlights of my blogging year. 2012 has certainly been an exciting year in the life of this blog.The year began promisingly with "How Great is our God" trending on Twitter, and in January I wrote on how the Church is meant to be a refuge, and how to move the immoveable God.In February I preached on the three phases of faith, a sermon that might surprise some of my Reformed friends. I also wrote a simple post, that once again reminded … [Read more...]

Patheos leads to over 20% bump in traffic

I'm usually quiet about the traffic to this blog, and I still don't feel comfortable sharing the actual figures with you. What I will say though, is that when I considered joining Patheos my decision wasn't made on potential blog traffic. It still amazes me that anybody finds reading this site helpful, and I am aware that there are plenty of bigger fish as well, whose traffic makes this blog's look tiny.  In fact when I made my decision to move, I did wonder if I would lose some readers. I … [Read more...]

The end of Movember

The month of November is at an end. My upper lip is especially itchy today almost as if it is anticipating its return to freedom from fuzz!It's not too late for you to sponsor this work of art. It is in aid or help for male cancers and in memory of my Father-in-Law who died this past year. This time last year I did not know he was sick. Now he is with Jesus. The least I could do was grow a moustache for a month! … [Read more...]