Senna – a movie you should see with your son

I wanted to write about what was the best evening I have spent for a while. After work yesterday I rushed with Henry to catch a guitar shop which stayed open late. I bought him a Baby Taylor 3/4 acoustic guitar. It is a lovely instrument that brought back memories of my pre-marriage passion for playing. I was never that good, although I did manage to learn a lot of chords, my strumming was never up to much! Still I did play a bit in church. I am thrilled that Henry is so keen to learn and … [Read more...]

Hoping that life begins at Forty!

As you read this I should be spending the first few hours of my fortieth birthday flying towards home. I hope to be with my family just before the kids all go to school and then have a BIG Birthday fry-up breakfast with my wife! What extra joy to be arriving home on the morning of such a day after a long trip, albeit to as glorious a place as South Africa!This post was written before I even went away, and perhaps my thoughts will have developed further, but here are my thoughts on turning … [Read more...]

A start of a new era of fitness and wellbeing?

It will surprise many of you to know I have joined a gym. I even went there today. I exercised for the grand total of 16 minutes. This may well not sound very impressive, but for me with my sedentary job and sedentary writing hobby it IS a big deal! It's probably psychological but I already feel a bit fitter. In fact I have been walking around all day in my new trainers, jogging bottoms and T-shirt!One of the advantages of having a blog is you can make yourself accountable. So, I give you … [Read more...]

Farewell, thank you to Annette Harrison, and an intern opportunity

Many of you will not know who Annette Harrison is. She may never publish a book nor start a blog of her own. But for four years she tirelessly worked behind the scenes on this blog and on my book. She would edit, and sometimes re-edit many times over my early writings. I am in the forgotten generation as far as English grammar is concerned. People older than me had rules drilled into them. We, however, were taught by teachers who learned their craft in the 60's and felt we should be more … [Read more...]

A year on, and a return to the other country

I have had the pleasure of traveling fairly widely thanks to my job. I travel so often, and at times for such short periods, that I don't always mention on the blog when I am away. But there is one country that I tend to look forward to visiting more than almost any other. I am of course talking about the USA, often referred to affectionately by us Brits as "the other country".I look forward to my trips to the USA because I feel so at home there. I have so many friends there, and so many … [Read more...]

Top 100 posts from this site

As I leave you for a well earned and very necessary blogging break, it is my custom to share with you a list of the most visited pages from all time, judged by the number of views received in the past 12 months. It is encouraging to me to see that there is a good spread of posts from previous years as well as this year in the list. It is more than enough to keep you going while I take my rest. I will not be blogging, tweeting or facebooking until the 13th January when I leave for Mobilise … [Read more...]

Review of 2010 part 2

Today, I will conclude my review of 2010's blogging. At the begining of June I shared notes from a sermon I preached, A People on a Mission. I also began some work on a planned online study guide for Raised With Christ.  This included video footage and questions for people to consider or discuss in groups as they read the book.  Unfortunately I had to put that on hold due initially to sickness, but later due to a season of incredible business which consumed the latter half of my year.  I would l … [Read more...]

A review of 2010 part 1

The year began for me in Enfield Cineworld where I would of course spend most Sunday mornings, and many other meetings during the year. I love being rooted in Jubilee Church, it helps keep me sane! Tope's sermon on prayer, and the prayer of blessing which began it helped set the tone for what would be a busy year.Just a few days into the year my first book, Raised With Christ was launched. Response has been overwhelming to me, as I had no idea how it would be received. The publisher tells me … [Read more...]

"Jesus was dead what's your excuse?" Guest Post from Mrs Warnock

When reading the story of the resurrection in the gospel of John, my friends and I (all ladies) noticed a small detail which showed yet another way in which Jesus is our ultimate example.  Jesus, having been crucified, spent three days dead in the tomb, was resurrected, and did not think twice about neatly folding his grave clothes before departing the tomb.  He didn't just step out of them like some men do with their trousers!  Jesus didn't make any excuses but tidied up after himself.Now, Ad … [Read more...]

The value of being alone

Today I did something I rarely do. I commuted. Working from home as I usually do, my daily travel often involves merely walking from my bedroom to the spare room we use as my office. From the moment I wake up, my head is usually full of emails I need to answer, phone calls I must make, jobs I must do. I have the privilege also of having a large and at times noisy family to spend my time with. My mind is usually full of a constant barrage of information to process, decisions to make, things to … [Read more...]