"Jesus was dead what's your excuse?" Guest Post from Mrs Warnock

When reading the story of the resurrection in the gospel of John, my friends and I (all ladies) noticed a small detail which showed yet another way in which Jesus is our ultimate example.  Jesus, having been crucified, spent three days dead in the tomb, was resurrected, and did not think twice about neatly folding his grave clothes before departing the tomb.  He didn't just step out of them like some men do with their trousers!  Jesus didn't make any excuses but tidied up after himself.Now, Ad … [Read more...]

The value of being alone

Today I did something I rarely do. I commuted. Working from home as I usually do, my daily travel often involves merely walking from my bedroom to the spare room we use as my office. From the moment I wake up, my head is usually full of emails I need to answer, phone calls I must make, jobs I must do. I have the privilege also of having a large and at times noisy family to spend my time with. My mind is usually full of a constant barrage of information to process, decisions to make, things to … [Read more...]

Family Safari

At some point soon I will post about my trip to Africa. But, today I wanted to just share this fantastic video my wife made of our Saturday trip to a UK Safari Park. Obviously not as great as the real African thing I saw, but still when I got home I wanted to share at least some of the experience with them! We have a car that has never broken down in five years of use. Imagine our shock when what looked like smoke started pouring out of the bonnet (or hood for my American readers!) of our … [Read more...]

My 4,000th blog post

In April 2003 I began an adventure that I had no idea would last this long, or have so much impact on my life.Thanks to blogging I have met friends like Andrew Fountain, I have travelled to churches and conferences in America, interviewed many modern heroes of the faith, had a book published, and most importantly of all learnt a lot from interacting with you my readers.I am very grateful to God for the opportunities this blog has sent my way. I am surprised by the fact that so many people … [Read more...]

Bringing warmth to a fathers heart

One of my children came downstairs, after being in their room for ages yesterday, with the following list of verses. They had obviously spent a long time going thru a bible looking at highlighted verses and choosing, as they put it, their "favorite ones". I think its a pretty good list, actually, and I am grateful for the grace of God at work in this dear child of mine despite all their father's failings and imperfections. Nothing that I could hope to ever accomplish with the blog will be of … [Read more...]

10 Things I learnt on my summer "break"

Following just over a month of this self-imposed near-total break from my online life (obviously not including my paid work!) what have I discovered?Wordpress's auto-publish feature is bullet-proof and a real gift You hardly missed me as a result of 1. and my kind guest bloggers. Indeed, traffic remained pretty high considering it was August. Phil Moore is better than I am at explaining why digital fasts are so important. A week is definitely not long enough It took me much longer before I … [Read more...]

First half of the year thank you to top 60 referrers

One of the things I like to do during the summer months is acknowledge the many websites that have sent traffic this way so far this year. I wish I could list the many more that have also been kind enough to send people to read material here. But, even if your name is not on this list of the top 60 referrers, know that your links are much appreciated. It remains the case that many more people are sent from smaller websites than large ones if you add them all up together. Never underestimate the … [Read more...]

Top Twenty Five Pages from this site this year

As I go off on my blog leave (though some automated pre-planned posts will be arriving most days here throughout the summer) I thought you might be interested to know what the most frequently visited pages on this site have been during 2010 so far.  Interestingly, some golden oldies are still attracting traffic, and some of the new category and information pages are proving way more popular than I thought they would be.  You might want to catch up on those you have missed.  I don't think that th … [Read more...]

Guest posts and re-run requests

Do you run your own blog? Or have you ever wondered if you should be a blogger? Have you got a great quote from a Christian book you would like to share with fellow readers of adrianwarnock.com? Do you have a favorite old post from this site that you think deserves a repeat-run? I am planning a blog holiday this summer, and so here is your chance to submit original content via email for consideration of possible inclusion here while I am away. Simply email adrian.warnock@gmail.com with Blog … [Read more...]

15 years of marriage to the best woman on Earth for me

Mrs Warnock and I have enjoyed married life for 15 years today.  As I reflect on those years I thought I would share some of those thoughts with you.  Truth be told, marriage has been both the most challenging and the most rewarding thing I have ever done. As society seeks to destroy family life, it is crucial that we fight for a true understanding of something that reflects the heart of God himself. Through marriage I have become more aware of my own weaknesses and sin. I have grown i … [Read more...]