What are mental illnesses and disorders? What effects do they have?

In light of the terrible tragedy of the suicide of Matthew Warren, I am writing about a series of questions many Christian families and groups of friends will be discussing. The first post asked "Can a Christian get depression?"  Today I ask two related questions, "What are mental illnesses and disorders?" and "What effects do they have?"Mental illnesses and disorders are incredibly common. If your church is not grappling with the issues mental illnesses and disorders raise, it means either … [Read more...]

Steve Chalke and others on Homosexuality and Gay Marriage

UPDATE: My recent interview with Sam Allberry, a conservative minister who also experiences same-sex attraction is worth a watch on this subject. I am increasingly convinced that how we choose to respond to this issue is the biggest challenge we will face in the next few years as churches in the West.I thought I would simply today catalogue some recent statements from various Christians about homosexuality. You will see that there is quite a spectrum of opinion represented here, as I have … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll on Rick Warren

I know Rick Warren is something of a controversial figure and I have blogged previously about why I like him.  Here is an interesting post from Driscoll which shows the kind of person Rick is: I first heard from Pastor Rick Warren perhaps a few years ago. He said he wanted me to fly down to a conference he was hosting, hang out, and get some time together. So, I did, along with a few friends. We learned a lot from Rick and his staff. They were incredibly nice, showed us around, and seemed … [Read more...]

Popular posts: John Piper interviews Rick Warren on doctrine and The Purpose Driven Life

During Adrian's month away from the blog, he has hand-picked a selection of the most popular posts of the year so far to re-run.  Today we feature, John Piper's interview with Rick Warren on doctrine and The Purpose Driven Life.John Piper and Rick Warren are friends who come from slightly different wings of the modern church.  It was great to see them discuss what unites them.  As I keep saying, we have enough true enemies of the gospel at work today that all who love the age-old truths of the … [Read more...]

More reflections on the Piper Warren Interview

Here are some thoughts in my mind as I think more about the interview I linked to earlier this week. Firstly, Warren and Piper clearly respect and love each other greatly.  There are some areas, especially in style, where they disagree.  But they do so as brothers.  They do so as two people who value and prize the Bible and love the God of the Bible.  They do so as people who tremble at God's word.  They also do so as two people who actually believe the Bible has something clear to say.  There is … [Read more...]

John Piper interviews Rick Warren on doctrine and the Purpose Driven Life

Back in 2009, I wrote about why, unlike many other reformed bloggers, I really appreciate Rick Warren. So you can imagine my pleasure was as great as some others displeasure when John Piper invited him to speak. A detailed meeting of the minds was promised, but delayed due to family health issues that prevented Rick from actually being at the conference.I love long interviews. This one, though to be fair I have not yet watched it all the way through, promises to be very interesting indeed. … [Read more...]

Rick Warren at Desiring God 2010 – The Battle for your mind

Rick Warren's talk at the Desiring God 2010 National Conference Think: The Life of the Mind and the Love of God conference follows below. Not surprisingly in some reformed circles online the recriminations continue. People wonder why Piper would invite Warren. But I very much enjoyed this talk. Warren is no lightweight. It is easy to dismiss his talks as lacking theological substance, but to those who's ears are open, they will realize there is much depth to them. He has the skill, often spoken … [Read more...]

Wayne Grudem on the Atonement, unity, Rick Warren, and John Piper

This second installment of my interview with Wayne was quite far reaching. We spoke about the atonement and how he decides what kind of people to have fellowship with. He even had a comment on the recent controversy over Rick Warren and John Piper.Watch on VimeoHow important do you think some of the recent realignments over doctrinal matters we have seen recently in the Church are?It’s why I am here. It was to affirm the need for drawing boundaries on doctrinal matters that I c … [Read more...]

Unity in diversity – Rick Warren, John Piper, and New Word Alive

It seems that the Christian world is in flux right now.  Old alliances have already dissolved. New ones are being forged.  But still there is some uneasiness in many. Unexpected events can suddenly seem to threaten to bring this new house crashing down as if it was made of cards.  How do we determine who we are going to associate with?  How do we decide who to listen to?  Now that many conferences do not seem to exclusively invite speakers from their own background, how can we predict who will be … [Read more...]

John Piper on why he invited Rick Warren to speak at the DGM conference

UPDATE - I have now written more about why I think John Piper was right to invite Rick Warren.A few months ago I posted on "why I love Rick Warren" and I have been impressed by his Twitter feed ever since. So it was a real delight to hear that having met up with Warren at a funeral and discovered he loves Jonathan Edwards, among other things they share, Piper has invited him to speak at his conference.One thing I love about Piper is his willingness to make invitations like this that raise … [Read more...]