Why Do I Love Rick Warren?

Rick Warren loves Jesus. He also loves the Church. So I love him. I know this might offend some of you. He is not popular in some Reformed circles. But, I don't care. Recently Rick Warren has followed John Piper onto twitter. In an email sent to supporters, Rick credits John with inspiring him to connect directly with people via this incredible telegraph system for the web. I am not embarrassed to say that Rick's twitter feed is fast becoming one of my favorites.It's always much easier to … [Read more...]

TOAM08 – Mark Driscoll on Missional Movements (Acts 1)

The audio of this message can be downloaded, or you can listen to it right here:More posts from this conference can be found on my TOAM08 label page. You can also download the mp3s of this week's talks by subscribing to the new Newfrontiers podcast, which will be an easy way for you to get access to the mp3s for free.Mark Driscoll began by thanking us again for having him, thanking us for the trust placed in him as someone we didn't know, but who had a reputation for being proactive, for the … [Read more...]

T4G Article 4 – Rick Warren on the Point of Preaching

This continues our series on preaching, which is based on the fourth article of the Together for the Gospel Statement. The previous post in this series described some of the stereotyped differences in preaching between black and white preachers and what each can learn from the other. In the article I wrote for SermonCentral on technology and preaching, I ended by making the point that we must be careful not to fall into the trap of thinking the preacher’s task is over when we have unpacked a B … [Read more...]

Rick Warren Answers His Critics on Syria

Blogs have a bad reputation for spreading rumours without confirming the source. Every now and then I intend to give a right of reply to someone who feels they have been unfairly treated online (or indeed in the mainstream media). Today its Rick Warren's turn. This press release and letter was sent to me via e-mail. I am open to receiving other similar things to consider for pubilcation.I will cite the entire release and letter word for word without comment … [Read more...]

Challies in hot water over Rick Warren apologetics

Tim has interviewed Richard Abanes who spent the second post supporting Rick Warren and the first exposing Harry Potter. Tim has experienced a reaction which has led to him posting on being accused of being a tool of the Devil. The other posts can be found from the one I linked to in the "Related Posts" box.The kind of response Tim sadly got is why I am building up slowly to posting my thoughts on Rick Warren's recent UK conference, as well as the fact that I want to mull it over … [Read more...]

Rick Warren on the myths of the Modern mega-church

Rick Warren shares his heart: "I'm in the life change business. I'm in the transformation business. You know what motivates me? not size; in fact, I don't even like big churches. I mean, my favorite size was 300 people. What motivates me is that I am addicted to changing lives. I love seeing lives changed and that is the untold story. Everybody tries to attribute the growth of churches to everything else but what makes them grow and it's changed lives.Now that's what a mega-church is, so … [Read more...]

Rick Warren on Larry King Live

CNN had an interview with Rick Warren in the aftermath of the Ashley Smith incident. I know that Warren has many detractors, but all I can say is I rejoice that the gospel message got out on CNN through him.WARREN: "You know, this guy was acting in -- when he started killing people, when Brian Nichols started killing people -- when people lack hope, they do hopeless things. And I think this guy actually felt hopeless. And so, he was lashing out, not in a good way. Obviously, he took four … [Read more...]

"The world changes but the word doesnt" – Rick Warren

Rick Warren wrote one of two forwards in Dan Kimball's book Emerging Church-vintage Christianity for New Generations. I am sure that Dan wouldn't mind me repeating that he believed he was at the more more conservative end of the theological spectrum of the Emergent Church. So perhaps he isn't a neo-liberal at all. Anyway, I intend to read his book and blog about it (although I suspect that if Nancy Pearcey's arrives before I finished it I may go onto hers in the interim!)Anyway Rick nails his … [Read more...]

What is a Liberal? What is a neo-liberal?

Jolly Bogger has an excelent post answering these questions - My blogging partner, Adrian Warnock has taken up a series of posts on what he calls "neo-liberalism." It took me a little looking to figure out exactly what he was talking about, but it appeared that he is dealing with the UK's version of the emerging church movement. In a private e-mail he confirmed that he is defining neo-liberalism as an attempt to accomodate the gospel to post-modernism, whereas liberalism was an attempt to … [Read more...]

Purpose driven blogging

Well, I have dug out my Rick Warren book- the purpose driven life and decided it was time to start reading it again. Many of my friends have been helped by this book, and I will be reading it to learn whatever I can. I very much liked Rick's previous book on the church, and do believe that his five "purposes" are biblical. (see my post what did the church ever do for me? for more on my take on these)So chapter one (I am not promising to read a chapter every day, but I will not read more than … [Read more...]