Serving Jesus at Work- My Story

As we begin the second part in this series based on an edited transcript of a sermon I preached at Jubilee, we must remind ourselves that each of us has a vocation. We have a role, we have a job to do. It doesn’t really matter whether you are a top businessman or whether you are a home-maker, you have a role to do. What can Esther teach us about this? We saw yesterday that the book of Esther is about how God can bring deliverance through ordinary people working together and playing their part w … [Read more...]

Adrian's Story Part Five – Learning to Value Being, Not Doing

It’s funny how God often uses odd little coincidences to hammer home something he wants to say to you. I realized, thanks to the posts from my recent sermon, that I hadn’t shared the next installment of my story with you. So I dug out the old version of this post, set about beginning to edit it, and considered if it needed any expansion.The first few paragraphs were all about how I had decided to take a blog break and how that break had reminded me of something that God had taught me many yea … [Read more...]

Adrian's Story Part Three – Water Baptism

So far I have shared two parts of my story, and today I will continue where I stopped last time. As a young child, one of my favorite verses was the following:Acts 10:47—“Can anyone withhold water for baptizing these people, who have received the Holy Spirit just as we have?”My parents found themselves with no arguments left. I had received the Spirit just as they had. I was clearly a Christian. How could they stop me any longer from being baptized? I remember the day well. We had a tempo … [Read more...]

Adrian's Story Part Two – Receiving the Holy Spirit

This is continued from part one of my story, which I shared last week.I wonder if my father thought that what had happened the night I said I wanted to become a Christian had been real. I was so young; could I really understand it? Could this short conversation which ended in me praying really make such a difference to me? Could it be true that I had accepted Christ at such a young age?I do remember being in no doubt about it the next morning when I had an argument with a member of my family. … [Read more...]

Adrian's Story Part One – Conversion

One of the things about a blog is that it is, by its very nature, a very personal thing. You meet not just a set of ideas, but a person. A few years ago I set about sharing the brief story of my life with you all. In some ways it feels like a strange thing to do, which is probably why I never completed it!But, I do think that knowing a bit more about my background will help you understand my blogging better and to know where I am coming from. Therefore I have decided to repost and expand that … [Read more...]