A Limited Atonement? Did Jesus Die For All?

Some say only Christians, some say the whole world. The “L” of the TULIP acronym is definitely one of the most controversial and most misunderstood. I refer you to my previous series for more detail on the “limited” nature of the atonement, but today I want to stress some points that we can surely all agree upon.Firstly, we can surely agree that Jesus’ death was enough for the whole world, but will not be permanently applied to the whole world—so while unrepentant sinners do benefit temporarily f … [Read more...]

Spurgeon on the Extent of Salvation – Will More be Saved than Lost?

There is no doubt that of all the doctrines of Calvinism, the so-called limited atonement is the most misunderstood and controversial. Sadly, many interpret this as indicating that salvation itself is "limited" and that few will be saved. Spurgeon clearly didn't think so as this extract from one of his sermons will show. Incidentally, this is preaching as it ought to be! My Spurgeon Challenge remains open, but at least this shows Spurgeon speaking about something similar to the sentiments I … [Read more...]

PIPER FRIDAY – Charles Simeon and John Wesley

Today I want to bring you quotes from a talk given by John Piper about Charles Simeon. We begin with a description of Simeon's recollection of a conversation he had with the Arminian, John Wesley, when he was a young man. The conversation is instructive about how we should deal with people we disagree with and about how sometimes moderates from both sides of a theological debate are closer than we realise. "Sir, I understand that you are called an Arminian; and I have been sometimes called a … [Read more...]

Arminian Grace?

Last night in my offline life I had an interesting conversation about calvinistic theology. Since I have been stressing the charismatic side of my theology for a while I thought perhaps I would emphasize in this post my reformed roots.The trouble with blogs is that all too often the archives disappear into the mists of time and nobody reads them. I linked in my post on defining a reformed charismatic to a number of my old posts including a whole series I did on the TULIP acronym. These posts … [Read more...]

What is Reformed or Calvinist theology- a book review of a modern defence of Calvinism

R.C Sprouls book "What is Reformed Theology is the best available simple explanation of Reformed Theology I have seen. You may have never heard of Reformed theology or youmay have rejected out of court what you believe Calvinism stands for. The truth is that despite its current neglect the theology Sproul so clearly explains in this book has been immensely influential in the centuries since the reformation. Sproul explains what the so-called "solas" mean, and outlines each of the so-called "five … [Read more...]

Can you loose your salvation? What does Heb 6 REALLY say

David of jollyblogger is preaching on Hebrews 6, the famous passage that is so controversial in the debate about eternal security. You simply have to go over and read his well thought out blog post on the matter. Just to whet your appetite..........the typical reformed exegesis which effectively neuters the passage's intended effect as a warning. What I mean is that reformed exegetes and others who believe in eternal security spend so much time jumping through hoops to prove what it doesn't … [Read more...]

Calling all Arminian Prayers

One of the great things about the blogosphere is that you can to use David Wayne's phrase "call out" people. Well, right now I call out all my Arminian readers out there and ask them to respond to this quote from Spurgeon. In his sermon NO. 52 "FREE-WILL A SLAVE" he claimed that the following was one of the strongest arguments for the veracity of Calvinism. I would love to hear the response of an honest Arminian to this rather interesting quote. Does it really settle the issue once and for … [Read more...]

Is Arminianism really Catholicism?

Eric wonders why people call him by the name of his blog, and for me the answer is simple- when I hit "Blog This" thats the name which comes up! I am enjoying his blog a lot these days despite our differences. He has posts from a catholic background and it is great to not be interacting with a straw man. Most recently he has written a great posts which quotes wikkipaedia and suggests that catholicism and arminianism are essentially similar.The Arminians suggested five, anti-Calvinist … [Read more...]

Is the simple gospel really calvinism?

Ales Rarus has now made himself really clear. I can understand what he is saying, but struggle to recognise it as Biblical. You see, Ales seems to have understood instinctively what many an Arminian has tried to deny- if we accept that man really has a totally free will, that gives man some of the credit for his salvation and also makes it insecure. I am not happy with that concept.His points are logical, but I beg to disagree with what he goes onto say:-"# God gave man free will so that we … [Read more...]

"The John Wesley of the blogosphere" ?!

HughHewitt.com means well I am sure by describing me as "the John Wesley of the blogosphere." But doesnt he realise just how much flack I am going to get from all my friends fpor that? Have I gone all soft and Arminian all of a sudden? Doesn't Hugh realise I am a Calvinist through and through? So, next time I am the "George Whitfield", OK- after all he crossed the atlantic almost as many times as my blog does....... … [Read more...]