INTERVIEW – Liam Goligher on the Crisis in Evangelicalism, Part Three

In the first post of my interview with Liam Goligher we focused on the distinctives on which he and I differ. In the second post we discussed some important challenges facing the church today. We now turn to an issue which is never far from my blog — the atonement.Perhaps because it is most topical right now, and perhaps because he has already written a popular book on the subject (The Jesus Gospel), the atonement seemed to arouse the most passion in Liam as we spoke. Liam’s book should, in my vi … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Liam Goligher on the Crisis in Evangelicalism, Part Two

In the first post of this interview with Liam Goligher we focused on the distinctives between our backgrounds. In this post we discuss important doctrinal challenges facing the church today which should prompt confessing evangelicals like Liam and myself to stand together. Tomorrow we will address the atonement and Liam's book on the subject.To Liam, unity is not everything. He reported receiving strong criticism from some prominent evangelicals over his stand on some of the issues we will … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Liam Goligher on the Crisis in Evangelicalism

It was a real privilege to speak with Liam Goligher recently, and it is a delight to now bring a report of that conversation here to my blog. Liam is a trustee of the Keswick Convention and a well-known Bible teacher. He leads Duke Street Church, an independent church in Richmond, UK which has approximately 400 members, with many more attending, making it a large church for England.Liam comes from a very different church background than I do. For example, he is happy to use the identification … [Read more...]

Wright Quotes That Affirm Penal Substitutionary Atonement

Justin Taylor helpfully points to some quotes from N. T.Wright that seem to clearly affirm a penal substitutionary view of the atonement. I am left, though, with two questions from the article Wright published earlier in the week.1. Why then does he respond so very negatively to the new book Pierced For Our Transgressions?2. Does Steve Chalke really believe what Wright does despite his clear condemnation of all forms of PSA? … [Read more...]

Dave Warnock Shares an Alternative View of the Atonement

Dave Warnock and I disagree on almost every issue we ever discuss. But I have something of a soft spot for him. I don't think it's our shared surname. (We are not directly related as far as we know!) I think it's his willingness to explain what he believes, and the way his apparent shock and surprise that others differ so markedly from him mirrors my own at times. In many ways I wish that I had the time to take up his challenge to read one of the books from the other side of this debate, but if … [Read more...]

John Stott – Champion of Penal Subsitutionary Atonement Retires

The Langham Partnership sent out the following announcement today:"John Stott would like his many friends around the world to know that, having reached the age of 86 in April, he has taken the decision finally to retire from public ministry after fulfilling one final speaking engagement at the upcoming Keswick Convention in July.He will be moving from his flat in central London where he has lived for more than 30 years, to a retirement community for Anglican clergy in the south of England, which … [Read more...]

Peter Broadbent States Atonement Was a Factor in Spring Harvest Split

In today's news, in an article in the Church Times entitled "Atonement Row Gets Personal as Evangelical Partnership Splits," Bishop Broadbent is quoted as acknowledging that Steve Chalke was at least part of the reason for the split with UCCF. Clearly some of the details of the story remain disputed, but as I first reported just over a week ago, differences in how inclusive to be over different views of the atonement seem clearly to be at least part of the reason the two conferences are going … [Read more...]

The Atonement – Penal Substitutionary Atonement Defined

In the previous post in this series we asked the question, “If Jesus was not a sinner, why did He die?" It’s now time that I shared my own definition of Penal Substitutionary Atonement (PSA) which I wrote for a talk I gave last autumn. I thought I would also share the definition given by the authors of the new book, Pierced For Our Transgressions (PFOT). Wherever you are in the world, you can buy PFOT at 20% off the list price from The Good Book Company. That book, incidentally, is in my view ess … [Read more...]

The Atonement – If Jesus Was Not a Sinner, Why Did He Die?

Last week we looked at “The Terrible Problem of Sin.” It is very important that we do this — that we spend time thinking about sin and what sin has caused to happen in our world. The Bible is very clear — before sin there was no death; death was foretold as being the result of sin, and it is stated that because of sin we all die.Any adequate understanding of the atonement has to explain why it was that Jesus had to die. It is surely something every Christian will agree on — that Jesus was not H … [Read more...]

The Atonement – The Place of Union With Christ

Daniel Newman has a great quote explaining something that is often missed or simply assumed about penal substitution, and which the authors of Pierced for Our Transgressions do, in fact, address. (HT Bish) “It is on the basis of our union with Christ that our sins are imputed to him and his righteousness imputed to us. Christ is in us and we are in him, indwelt by the Spirit. He was no innocent third party when he suffered, bled, and died on the cross. It was God himself, the Son incarnate as a m … [Read more...]