Best of the Blog – 2008

To continue this series of digging further and further back into the archives of this blog, here are some highlights from 2008. I have already posted about 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2009.  This post therefore marks the half-way point, though 2003 was not a complete year of blogging, which is why the tenth anniversary of this blog is not till April 2013.In January 2008, as is often my custom I took a break from blogging, but shared my most widely read blog posts each day, which actually continued … [Read more...]

Best of the Blog – 2009

As my tenth blogging anniversary approaches I thought I would share the history of this blog for new readers. So far I have shared from 2012, 2011 and 2010. We now turn to 2009 which feels like yesterday!It is interesting to me to reflect on how much has changed over the years. It is also striking how fast time moves as I discover posts that I thought I'd written "a few months ago" are actually from several years ago! If you are interested in these posts do link to them on Twitter, or … [Read more...]

Best of the blog – 2010

To help new readers get the background to this blog, and as a filler while I take a blogging break I am posting a series of highlights from the ten different years that I have been blogging. Soon I will have my ten year anniversary. So far I have posted about 2011 and 2012. Here is my review of 2010.The year began for me in Enfield Cineworld where I would of course spend most Sunday mornings, and many other meetings during the year. I love being rooted in Jubilee Church, it helps keep me … [Read more...]

The Best of the Blog: 2011

It is getting very close to the ten year anniversary of this blog (April this year!) I also realize that I have gathered a lot of new readers since moving to Patheos.  January is also usually a quiet blogging month for me, and I will be taking a break from new posts for at least next week for our church prayer and fasting. So I thought that I would do a bit of archeology and help new readers grasp the story that is this blog.  I have already posted about the best bits of 2012, so here is what s … [Read more...]

The best of the blog: 2012

Most years, at around this time I like to review the highlights of my blogging year. 2012 has certainly been an exciting year in the life of this blog.The year began promisingly with "How Great is our God" trending on Twitter, and in January I wrote on how the Church is meant to be a refuge, and how to move the immoveable God.In February I preached on the three phases of faith, a sermon that might surprise some of my Reformed friends. I also wrote a simple post, that once again reminded … [Read more...]

My Top 50 Posts of all time

Here is a list of links to the most popular posts I have written over the lifetime of my blog. If you want an introduction to the kind of things I have written, this is a good place to … [Read more...]

Top 100 posts from this site

As I leave you for a well earned and very necessary blogging break, it is my custom to share with you a list of the most visited pages from all time, judged by the number of views received in the past 12 months. It is encouraging to me to see that there is a good spread of posts from previous years as well as this year in the list. It is more than enough to keep you going while I take my rest. I will not be blogging, tweeting or facebooking until the 13th January when I leave for Mobilise … [Read more...]

Review of 2010 part 2

Today, I will conclude my review of 2010's blogging. At the begining of June I shared notes from a sermon I preached, A People on a Mission. I also began some work on a planned online study guide for Raised With Christ.  This included video footage and questions for people to consider or discuss in groups as they read the book.  Unfortunately I had to put that on hold due initially to sickness, but later due to a season of incredible business which consumed the latter half of my year.  I would l … [Read more...]

A review of 2010 part 1

The year began for me in Enfield Cineworld where I would of course spend most Sunday mornings, and many other meetings during the year. I love being rooted in Jubilee Church, it helps keep me sane! Tope's sermon on prayer, and the prayer of blessing which began it helped set the tone for what would be a busy year.Just a few days into the year my first book, Raised With Christ was launched. Response has been overwhelming to me, as I had no idea how it would be received. The publisher tells me … [Read more...]

A Review Of The Year 2009

I have reviewed previous blogging years in 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, and 2004.These summary posts really do show something of the history of this site, and hence my life over this time. I sometimes wonder how long I will be able to keep all this blogging up, but to be honest, most of the time I simply cannot imagine life without the opportunity for reflection a blog brings.This year will forever be known in my mind as the year of the book. It's the year when all my previous efforts to write … [Read more...]