What the Corinthian letters have to say about the charismatic gifts

Of course for many charismatics 1 and 2 Corinthians are among their favorite books of the Bible. If I may be allowed to make one comment as I introduce these verses, it would be instead to ask two questions. If these verses do not apply to us today, why are they in the Bible?  And, on what basis can we determine which other verses also do not apply to us?  I have already posted verses that speak to this matter from Acts, the Gospels, and the OT. I give thanks to my God always for you because of … [Read more...]

John Stott on non-authoritative NT prophecy

As far as I know John Stott was a cessationist through and through.  This makes his attached statement about  New Testament prophecy all the more credible and significant. It is worthy of our consideration because what is happening here is that a good biblical scholar is allowing the Bible to take him in the direction of something that could potentially undermine his position.  We all do well to approach the Bible with a similar reverence.Of course there are degrees of charismaticism and ce … [Read more...]

Some initial results from the improved charismatic test

I thought I would share some results since I improved the charismatic spectrum test. It definitely isn't labeling everyone as a charismatic any more. Since the rewrite we have had:3% strong doctrinal cessationists who all are also experiential cessationists 7% mild doctrinal cessationists who are all experiential cessationists 24% mild doctrinal charismatics, approximately 50% of whom were experiential cessationists The rest were all strong charismatics around 5% of whom still scored as … [Read more...]

Some questions that seem to need rewording in my charismatic spectrum questionnaire

Pop over to the charismatic spectrum post first before reading this one.I have looked at the first batch of survey entries, and it seems clear that some of my questions are eliciting more "Yes's" than they should, especially the beliefs section. So, any thoughts on why and how these selected questions need rewording so that a cessationist is more likely to disagree with them? This process of understanding what we do and do not believe is where the previous spectrum posts have proved most … [Read more...]

Some initial responses to my charismatic spectrum post from yesterday

Following on from yesterdays post on a charismatic spectrum, I do intend to try and improve the questionnaire, and if necessary tweak some of the categories I used. Some of the comments I received anonymously are really helpful, and so I thought I would share them here, partly to prompt further discussion, I have removed anything that might identify people from these comments:"Just a thought, but I think that many of our divisions in the broad Christian Church are often a result more of "gift … [Read more...]

How Charismatic are YOU? A Spectrum of belief and practice

Today, in the tradition of my previous Arminocalvinist Spectrum, Evolution vs Creationism Spectrum and Spectrum of belief on hell and salvation  I present a "Charismatic-cessationist spectrum."  For some more background on this issue, and a fairly typical charismatic perspective see my series of posts on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  As usual this may be a bit of a living document for a couple of days as I welcome suggestions for improvement from others.Intriguingly this spectrum is much har … [Read more...]