ESV Interview : breadth of acceptance #1

Previous NextA Bible translation often obtains favor only in a narrow circle within the church and or in certain denominational groups. It seems from the internet that a broader spectrum of Christians are being drawn to the ESV from different backgrounds. Are you encouraged by that?<!-- D(["mb","WatchrnBill Mounce respond (Windows Media format).rnrnAs far as the ESV and the Internet is concerned, onernof the things I've been very encouraged about is the publisher srnwillingness … [Read more...]

ESV Interview: Is translation effected by doctrine?

It is of note that the group of scholars who wrote the ESV include some great giants of evangelicalism. I wonder how important to the accurate translation of the Bible is an evangelical faith. How much does the doctrine one believes in influence the act of translation and the philosophy which lies behind it? Watch Paul House respond (Windows Media). We're often asked how our evangelical convictions affect our translation principles. I would answer in the following way. Just for myself, I can say … [Read more...]

ESV Interview and a FREE bible offer

This is such an exciting blogging week for me! Not only am I putting the finishing touches to a major development for the Blogdom of God, I can now share the results of my recent interview with the ESV translators. I will be featuring the answers to the questions I asked them every weekday from tomorrow until we get to the end of them! Most answers feature a video of a member of the Translation Oversight Committee answering the question, as well as a transcript of the answer.The ESV Publishers … [Read more...]

10 Questions for the ESV translators

Well, thanks to everyone for their suggestions and help for me in this unique opportunity I have been given to interview the ESV translation committee.Here are my choice of the questions submitted and quite a few more of my own thrown in for good measure! Watch this space for the answers coming soon.....1. It is of note that the group of scholars who wrote the ESV include some great giants of evangelicalism. I wonder how important to the accurate translation of the bible is an evangelical faith. … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE interview opportunity with the ESV Translation committee

I am delighted to announce that I have been honored with an exclusive "interview" with the Translation Oversight Committee of the English Standard Version of the Bible. I will be asking them ten questions, which they promise to answer! My respect for this version of the bible continues to increase, and despite my best goading I have found surprisingly few bloggers who will publicly detract from it. Maybe my first question should be "Why, out of all the bloggers who love the ESV did you choose … [Read more...]

John Piper on the ESV

John Piper was frequently quoted by other bloggers who like me love the ESV, heres what he says, he goes onto list some specific examples:Not only am I not on board. I would be happy to see the NIV sail into the sunset if it could be replaced by the ESV as the standard preaching, reading, memorizing Bible of the English-speaking church. I feel so strongly about this that I volunteered to do this tonight before I was asked. There is no coercion here. I feel what I am about to say with a passion … [Read more...]

Piper to always preach from the ESV Bible

English Standard Version Bible (Crossway Bibles) is an interesting translation- for starters it is sold by a not for profit organisation- arguably this is how the bible ought to be sold rather than for profit- after all its God's copywright ultimately isnt it?But perhaps more importantly than that as John Piper explained that his New Years resolution for 2004 is that his church would use the ESV from now on.My aim tonight is to help you be persuaded that exposing millions of people (pastors, … [Read more...]