ASK A BLOGGER – What is Baptism in the Holy Spirit?

Today I'm launching a new feature which I'm going to call "Ask a Blogger." One day most weeks I will be posting one or more questions I have been asked. These questions can literally be about anything. To submit a question e-mail me at I will then endeavor to answer the questioner, although my answers will often be quite short. Today, however this is not the case! In fact, this week’s “Ask a Blogger” will run for a few days, although I will interrupt it to share a Piper … [Read more...]

When is a Call to Ministry the Same as a Prophecy?

UPDATEYou may be surprised to see that another reformed charismatic, C. J. Mahaney, has responded to Mark Dever and, like me, stresses his agreement with Mark's post, and also lists some helpful resources to review.***************A few days back, Al Mohler wrote about the need for a subjective sense of God propelling one into ministry. He described this as only one part of the decision-making process for potential ministers, and a fallible one at that. But it was clear to him that this was … [Read more...]

10th Most Read Post – I Don't Want Balance! I Want It All!

We have now arrived at the countdown of the top ten most popular posts of all time with readers of this blog. No. 10 appeared on July 19, 2007, and of all the posts I have written, this one is probably my own personal favorite. It is a rallying call to a kind of Christianity that is not ashamed to embrace the best from many different backgrounds. The last four words of the above title are not new to me, but they are certainly resonating with me at the moment — "I Want It All!" Why should I have t … [Read more...]

12th Most Read Post – The Toronto Blessing – When The Church Seemed To Be Going Mad

No 12 on the list of most-read posts on this blog appeared on May 15, 2005, and examined the events surrounding and subsequent to what came to be known as "The Toronto Blessing."I published this post from an article I had written many years prior to May of 2005. In some ways it was this article that first stirred the "writing bug" in me. I surveyed the historical events associated with "The Toronto Blessing," and also looked at some biblical and church history data. Some of my reformed friends … [Read more...]

Review of the Blog – July to August: TULIP and Together On a Mission

Before going on a summer break, I ended with a post which expresses clearly the driving passion behind my life—I DON'T WANT BALANCE, I WANT IT ALL!Other than that, and the posts on the atonement I listed in yesterday's review, July was totally dominated (and rightly so) by Together On a Mission. This conference is a phenomena that you really ought to experience at least once in your life. The fact that next year we will have Mark Driscoll here in the UK as the main speaker is just one reason to c … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Rob Rufus: How to Explore the Charismatic

In the previous segment of this interview with Rob Rufus, we focused on Word and Spirit. Today I begin by asking Rob what steps readers who are intrigued by the charismatic experience should take.AdrianOne of the things I find is that quite a few of the readers of my blog out there—they love the Word, they are Reformed folk—but they are a little bit bemused to discover that there are a ton of us [charismatics] who love the Word in the same way. Actually, a lot of them are quite drawn in, but the … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Rob Rufus on Word and Spirit

As we drew to the close of part one of this interview with Rob Rufus we were emphasizing the need for charismatics to continue to value the Bible. Today we begin with a question my pastor, Tope Koleoso, asked. This is a lightly edited transcript of what was actually said.Tope I’ve got to say, I agree with you. Definitely for me in listening to all the sessions that you did, and for us as a church, having taken so many to this conference, and also as a pastor, having the privilege of speaking w … [Read more...]

BOOK – Sam Storms Interprets Edwards' Classic on the Spirit

My buddy, Jesse, has recently completed a nine-part series of posts on Signs of the Spirit, in which Sam Storms interprets Jonathan Edwards' classic work on experiential Christianity, The Religious Affections. Here are the links:1. True spirituality is a hunger for God2. Public gathering, prayer, preaching, and singing3. You're not a Christian just because you...4. Sign 1) A new spiritual 'sense'5. Sign 2) A love for the things of God6. Experience, emotion, Edwards and public worship7. Signs … [Read more...]

Lloyd-Jones on Emotion and Preaching

The Urban Reformation shares this great quote from the 20th century's greatest English-speaking preacher. We need to listen to this as he explains what is wrong with so much of our preaching. It reminds me of some of my ten conclusions on preaching, and some of the posts in the series of which that post was the summary. Page 93 from the book “Preaching & Preachers” states—“. . . Modern sophisticated man may laugh at this, but it is only when we begin to know something of this melting quality … [Read more...]

Rob Frost, Leading UK Evangelical Methodist Dies

My friend, Tony Miles, reports on the death of Rob Frost. More information is available at Share Jesus International, where reflections from his family are also available. I found this passage striking:On the last evening of Easter People this year Rob preached, and as he left the platform he was sad that this would be the last Easter People . . . but he believed God said to him, ". . . you will not be here next year Rob." We thank God for this preparation, even though the knowledge has been … [Read more...]