Popular Posts: The Apostle Paul's Blogging Checklist, Hell, and Rob Bell

During Adrian's month away from the blog, he has hand-picked a selection of the most popular posts of the year so far to re-run.The Apostle Paul's Blogging Checklist was a post written during the Rob Bell controversy, but it has an enduring messaage that should guide us in our online writings: The Apostle Paul’s Blogging Checklist, Hell, and Rob Bell Now that Rob Bell’s controversial book Love Wins is on sale on both sides of the Atlantic and many other comments have been made, I am feeling lik … [Read more...]

Popular posts: Heaven, Hell and Rob Bell

During Adrian's month away from the blog, he has hand-picked a selection of the most popular posts of the year so far to re-run.Today we feature, "Heaven, Hell and Rob Bell."This was by far the most popular series of posts Adrian wrote this year.  If you missed it you can read the transcript or watch the video: Heaven, Hell and Rob Bell – a Face to Face Debate about Love Wins … [Read more...]

The reality of Hell – a sermon by Tope Koleoso

The above sermon will shake you to the core. Tope didn't mention those who have recently been denying hell by name, but his disagreement with them could not have been clearer. This is a compassionate yet very direct sermon on a painful but important subject. It was my delight to pray with someone at the end who wanted to become a Christian, and I know there were others. But perhaps the real targets were people like me. People who theologically believe this teaching but don't live as though it … [Read more...]

Full transcipt of the Warnock vs Rob Bell debate

It may feel like quite a while ago now, but I keep hearing of people who have just watched or listened to my Rob Bell debate. Thanks to the hard work of I am now able to share a complete transcript with you. It is very long, and rather than serializing it, you can read the whole transcript right here on the blog or download a PDF. The thing is practically a book! … [Read more...]

Concluding question: Does MY life consistently demonstrate my belief in a literal eternal hell?

If you want to know what someone really believes you should look at how they live. Now, of course we should be emphasizing the positive good news of the gospel. We should be speaking in such a way as to induce wonder. But if I really believe in an eternal hell where those who do not know Jesus will be punished for ever, and I am the bearer of the only message that can rescue from that fate, why do I not share this more often?This is the final post in my series on Rob Bell and Hell. In it I … [Read more...]

What about babies, those who dont know and other hard cases

To speak first about Babies, Bell acknowledges the common evangelical understanding (often seen among Baptists) that babies and children below an age of accountability will be saved. He uses this to make a grotesque argument that is presumably designed to lead to the idea that in fact all are saved. It is of course sometimes hard to see where Bell's questions are leading, but it is clear that they are designed to lead away from more traditional understandings:“If every new baby being born c … [Read more...]

What about CS Lewis, John Stott and Hell?

People argue that Lewis suggested similar things to what Bell has said BUT 1. He did believe in Punishment, but stressed mans role in choosing that punishment and 2 He suggested these things tentatively as possibilities rather than boldly and 3. he didn’t mock the other view as hopelessly inadequate and “a bad story” and finally 4. Unlike Rob Bell, Lewis did not claim to be an Evangelical insider. He was a broad C of E churchman who Evangelicals listened to but did not expect to agree with … [Read more...]

Franklin Graham: "Rob Bell is a heretic and a false teacher"

Franklin Graham's comments about Rob Bell can be seen around 2:50 into this video: … [Read more...]

Is Rob Bell a neo-liberal who does not take the Bible literally?

If you have got this far in reading every post I have written on Rob Bell since my debate with him, you are doing well! I am almost done. But today I want to address a strong accusation I put to him in the debate. I claimed that he approaches the Bible very differently from the typical evangelical. In other words, I believe that he no longer takes the Bible literally whenever it is reasonable to do so.Colossians 2:8 warns us "Don’t let anyone capture you with empty philosophies and h … [Read more...]

What does the Greek word for eternal mean?

One issue that we did not get our teeth fully into during my debate with Rob Bell was the meaning of the Greek word for "eternal." This reminded me of a three part series I once did on Cows, Dogs, and Political correctness for some reason. Bell seemed to be arguing that it did not mean something that goes on for ever. As I pointed out, the same word is used for the eternal reward of eternal life as for the eternal punishments. Thus, both must have the same duration! This is especially true … [Read more...]