Does Rob Bell know how people get to heaven?

"Heaven is, after all, full of surprises." says Rob Bell in Love Wins.Also, in one of the most worrying bits of the book in my view, he lists a whole load of questions which have the effect of undermining any sense we can have of knowing what it is that leads to clear salvation. Do we really know he seems to be saying who will be be in heaven and who not? In this quote he is speaking about who, in his view, will get to heaven at the beginning:“Is it what you say, or who you are, or what y … [Read more...]

The loving wrath of God

Love is not some insipid woolly emotion offered to everyone in the same way irrespective of their response. Love is passionate. Infinite love is infinitely passionate. God's love has content.He truly cares about us, and more than that he truly cares about the honor of his name and the glory of the trinity. God's love is primarily turned towards himself as the most lovable being in the universe. For all eternity the Father loves and is satisfied in the Son, the Son loves and is satisfied in … [Read more...]

The very objection to wrath is so culture bound

There seems to be an aversion to speaking of the eternal wrath of God these days. I noticed it in my debate with Rob Bell, and it is also seen in the following quotes from his book (anyone who knows the page numbers, please send them to me as I read it on the Kindle: "…some stories are better than others. Telling a story in which billions of people spend forever somewhere in the universe trapped in a black hole of endless torment and misery with no way out isn’t a very good story. Telling a sto … [Read more...]

Will everyone (eventually) make it to heaven? Jesus didn't think so.

Rob's book constantly casts doubt on the notion that there is a hell that will be full of people suffering for eternity. Others have cast doubt on that by speaking of anihilationtsm, where people's suffering is not eternal, but the consequences are. With that view the unsaved pass out of existence at some point in the future. In Love Wins Bell goes further, arguing that there is a second chance after death which he seems to believe all will take. Once again I am sorry but I do not have page … [Read more...]

Heaven, Hell, and Rob Bell – How DARE you question God?

Bell asks, is it unjust for God to not save everyone? I reply: how dare you question God? Rob thinks he is God, that he can somehow help the whole of humanity. He makes an interesting admission in the following quote from Love Wins: "Many have heard the gospel framed in terms of rescue. God has to punish sinners, because God is holy, but Jesus has paid the price for our sin, and so we can have eternal life. However true or untrue that is technically or theologically, what it can do is subtly … [Read more...]

Hell and the wrath of God – It is not only love that wins

I think that part of the problem that Bell and others have with hell is a lack of understanding of the seriousness of sin and God's response to it. We may be finite, but we sin against the infinite. Bell claims that many people already think of God as angry at them. I suspect that in fact most don't realize quite how angry he is. It is only when we understand that God hates sin that we can trully appreciate the wonder of our salvation.One way we see how serious sin is, is when we look at … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Does Rob Bell believe all will be saved?

This is a good example of Rob Bell's slipperiness. Despite what he says elsewhere in the interview, here he seems to be supporting at least some concept of hell. But then he appears agnostic about universalism. Evangelicals like me find this degree of uncertainty hard to stomach! You can watch the whole of this interview right here on the blog. … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Why Rob Bell is so dangerous – So much of what he says is so right!

This clip shows the problem that Rob Bell poses the church today. At the beginning he sounds so plausible, and lets be honest many Christians today do not emphasise the love of God sufficiently. But as I mention towards the end of this clip, we do need to preach the bad news as well as the good news. Until someone understands the horror of the wrath of God towards them, fueled by his holiness and his hatred of sin, they will never grasp the true wonder of the glorious love of God towards them. … [Read more...]

VIDEO – Nailing Rob Bell down to express clearly his disbelief in eternal conscious punishment in hell

In this video clip Rob Bell asked me one too many questions. If you see a builder point at your foundation and say "Is that really strong enough? Is it possible that your house may fall down if I build it here? Isn't it more likely that the cement that was used is too sandy? Are you sure it will last for ever? Is your foundation-layer really like that?"It is IMPOSSIBLE to conclude anything other than that the questioner does not believe in the sureness of your foundation! The very act of … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Has Rob Bell demonstrated clearly that he is not an Evangelical any more?

In this clip I tell Rob Bell that because he has a very different approach to the Bible, it is hard to accept him as an Evangelical.  I also explain that the main reason for the anger of many evangelicals is that we have learned to expect and to a certain extent accept this kind of teaching from others outside the evangelical movement but within the broader Christian movement.  Surely Bell is just another neo-liberal just like Steve Chalke. What is hard to accept is someone who we thought of as " … [Read more...]