Heaven, Hell and Rob Bell – What does Jesus say?

Jesus tells us himself that there IS a hell, that it is a ” place of torment” (Luke 16:28) “where their worm does not die, and the fire is not quenched” (Mark 9:48) . Sounds like as Grudem puts it “eternal conscious punishment” to me!That’s what Jesus says about hell, but Rob redefines it when he says (sorry that I do not have page numbers for some of these quotes, because I read it on the Kindle, if anyone wants to send me an email with page numbers for some of them that would be great).• … [Read more...]

Heaven, Hell and Rob Bell – A series on Love Wins: Introduction

As part of the preparation for my face to face debate with Rob Bell, I created an extensive set of notes to make sure I was clear what I wanted to say. I originally felt that I wanted to at least delay commenting on this issue,  but I have now decided that this is a sufficiently important controversy, with sufficient interest from others,  and so much at stake, that I should convert that set of notes into a fairly substantial series of posts. This won't take the form of a review as such, a … [Read more...]

Listen to my face to face debate with Rob Bell about heaven, hell, and the fate of every person who ever lived.

DOWNLOAD THE MP3 of this debate.Or you can stream online and get it via iTunes, or the Unbelievable? Podcast. Video will be available Tuesday.This Saturday, Premier's Unbelievable with Justin Brierley will feature a pretty feisty extended debate between Rob Bell and I. He is known to be pretty slippery during interviews, but I did not want to let myself get frustrated so I resolved to be firm but fair. I think being in the same room with him and discussing face to face helped me … [Read more...]

Martyn Lloyd-Jones refutes Universalism

Once again Lloyd-Jones hits the nail on the head! Liberal ideas come and go, wax and wane in popularity but the gospel of Jesus Christ never fails!Surely we cannot accept . . . Universalistic ideas, because, if we do so, it means that we find ourselves contradicting the plain teaching of Scripture in those places where there is a clear division between the saved and the unsaved, the good and the bad, the redeemed and the lost. In spite of the arguments based upon a philosophic idea of the … [Read more...]

A spectrum of belief on hell and salvation – Is Rob Bell a Universalist?

This week Rob Bell is in the UK and will be speaking at a number of evening events around the country. I trust many will see through his emotional appeals to the error that lies beneath.Rob argues in his book Love Wins that “No one can resist God’s pursuit forever because God’s love will eventually melt even the hardest hearts” (page 108). Yet elswhere he claims not to be a universalist. Therefore, to be fair to him and in the spirit of my Arminocalvinist Spectrum and Evolution vs Creation … [Read more...]

The Apostle Paul's Blogging Checklist, Hell, and Rob Bell

Now that Rob Bell's controversial book Love Wins is on sale on both sides of the Atlantic and many other comments have been made, I am feeling like I cannot avoid engaging in the controversy, or at least should read some more material to understand it better. I did not seek out such involvement, as you can see from my post which ironically listed Five Reasons I hadn't previously blogged about Rob Bell. Since then I have posted a couple of highly relevant articles without directly addressing … [Read more...]

Lloyd-Jones on the folly of thinking God is only love and ignoring punishment and hell

Lloyd-Jones could have been saying this for the 21st Century not the 20th. There really is nothing new under the sun: "All this modern preaching on the fact that God is love is an indication of the same attitude and spirit. We are told today that the old sermons that preached the law and talked about conviction of sin and called people to repentance were all wrong because they were legalistic . . .So it is said that we must return to the message of Jesus. We must get rid of all our theology, … [Read more...]

Is There a Second Chance for Salvation After Death? – Mark Driscoll on hell

In a recent sermon on Heaven and Hell based on the shocking parable of the Rich man and Lazarus found in Luke 16. Driscoll was at his pastoral and passionate best. His love for his hearers, and desire to warn them of important truth is very clearly seen in this talk. I think it is one of his best sermons. He speaks about the parable of the rich man and Lazarus, and how between heaven and hell, "a great chasm has been fixed, in order that those who would pass . . may not be able, and none may … [Read more...]

The folly of imagining hell is not real and sin is not deadly – Spurgeon

"The sinner is a fool, because he is told in God’s word that the path of evil will lead to destruction, and yet he pursues it with the secret hope that in his case the damage will not be very great. He has been warned that sin is like a cup frothing with a foam of sweetness, but concealing death and hell in its dregs; yet each sinner, as he takes the cup, fascinated by the first drop, believes, that to him, the poisonous draught will not be fatal. How many have fondly hoped that God would lie u … [Read more...]

Why a belief in hell is so practically important

We don't believe in hell for practical reasons.  We believe in it because the Bible tells us it is so, and that settles it for us.  No matter what some may say, we cannot be shaken from that.  But, I ask, do we really live in light of that belief?  Is is something that emotionally impacts us?  Do we feel it's truth?  If not, as Piper points out, we will both be complacent about our friends and neighbours and lacking in passion in our gratitude to Jesus for what he has done for us:BROTHERS, WE M … [Read more...]