Why cessationists are wrong about prophecy

Later today the Strange Fire conference hosted by John MacArthur begins. A few weeks back I expressed my concern about some of the publicity for this event seeming to accuse all charismatics of being blasphemers. This event also prompted Terry Virgo to share a video about how Lloyd-Jones encouraged him as a young charismatic.I will be watching at least some of the event online. But one thing I am not expecting to hear is a novel or convincing argument from Scripture. I just want to state … [Read more...]

My favorite Tweets from #AddaWordRuinaChristianBook

It is amazing what one Tweet can start. A solitary Christian writer decided it would be fun to start a hash tag #AddaWordRuinaChristianBook, where the goal is simply to add a word to a title of a Christian book and make it seem hilarious, and perhaps just plain ridiculous.  It is a lot of light fun, and at one point I believe the hashtag was the top trending meme on Twitter in the USA.For some of you, this post may just be one more reason not to join Twitter. Others of you, like me, will fi … [Read more...]

7 tips on how to hear the Word of the LORD (1 Samuel 3)

Imagine the cessationists of the boy Samuel's time. They would have pointed to the relative absence of the supernatural, and said "Clearly God has stopped talking." How wrong they would have been. We see though, that even in Bible times there were seasons when "the word of the LORD was rare." How much less should we be surprised that over the centuries there are periods when it seems God is intervening in our world less, and others when he is intervening more. I know that some of my readers are … [Read more...]

God’s incredible care for us all, and especially those who are mentally ill

One goal I have had in this series is to help us all understand that in many ways people with mental illness are just like us.  The Bible has much to say to them, but everything it says to them it also says to us.  This is because our gracious and eternal father knows our feeble frame. He knows our frailty and our weaknesses.  HE is God and you are not!  What batter place to conclude this series on mental health than with a very comforting Psalm that tells us of God's care for us because he cra … [Read more...]

How to calm your mind with God’s word

These verses are perhaps especially relevant for thos with Bipolar Disorder and other illnesses, but they are surely relevant for all of us.. God intends us to have a controlled mind.  He wants us to be disciplined in our thinking, not allowing fleeting thoughts to capture us and lead us astray. “ For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”  (2 Timothy 1:7, KJV)  How do we do this? We have to be active in our thought lives in renewing our m … [Read more...]

God’s word to the impulsive: Bipolar Disorder verses part three

We continue today to look at Bible verses that address certain specific symptoms people with Bipolar Disorder may exhibit. As said before, people should ask their doctor for advice about medical treatment, these verses are no substitute for that.When manic patients may commit impulsive acts that they would never normally undertake. One of the challenges for family members is that these do not always look like illness to those who do not know the patient.  One of the challenges for patients, i … [Read more...]

God’s Word to the Self Assured: Bipolar Disorder Bible verses part 2

I am continuing to share verses for people  with Bipolar Disorder (see also this post for more information about Bipolar Disorder diagnosis). Today we turn to a specific set of symptoms people with Bipolar Disorder may suffer from.While people are manic it is common for them to exhibit excessive self assurance, over-confidence and increased rate of speech. This can be very disturbing to those around them. While these verses are unlikely to help the individual in the middle of a manic episode … [Read more...]

God’s word for the agitated and manic: Bible verses for those with Bipolar Disorder:

I must stress at the outset that in every case I have encountered Bipolar Disorder has behaved very much like a biological condition. It responds in most cases very well to medications, but it does not seem to respond well to any other methods of treatment unless medication is also used. If you suspect you have Bipolar Disorder go to visit your doctor. If you still have symptoms despite taking treatment ask your doctor if you need a higher dose of medication or an additional or alternate … [Read more...]

God’s word to the suicidal: Bible verses to help prevent suicide

I do want to stress at the outset of this verse that suicidal thoughts should not be ignored. Nor should anyone think they can simply treat them by Bible meditation alone. If you or someone you love is suicidal then you should treat it as a medical emergency and get the professional help and assessment you need.  For those who have lost someone to suicide I refer them to my previous post "Will a Christian who commits suicide go to heaven?"To be quite honest, when someone becomes suicidal it … [Read more...]

God’s word to the depressed: Bible verses on Depression

I have previously written on depression as a mental illness, and how because of the "Four Pillar Approach to Mental Health" we can all be helped by these verses on depression whether we are diagnosed as depressed or not.  Nothing I say here should be taken as discouraging seeking professional help, as to my mind there is no reason why people cannot simultaneously be helped by promises from God's word and the wisdom of doctors who were created by God.  Lets see what the Scriptures have to say to p … [Read more...]