BLOGSPOTTING – New Warnies, the Charismatics, and the Warnock Wars

I thought it was time that I did another blogspotting post — this is my way of thanking you for linking here, and gives you a chance to see what others are saying about my posts:"You feel Him" — Charles SpurgeonScotty B mentions my Charismatic Debate post, and has a great quote from Spurgeon which makes the VITAL place of experience in the Christian’s walk very clear.God’s View of SinBill missed the fact that it was Andrée writing, but says such nice things about my wife’s post, I will forgive hi … [Read more...]

Who is Adrian Warnock?

UPDATEIn January 2008, the following post was identified as the 28th most widely read post on my blog. The 29th most-read post was my interview with Josh Harris.This post provides a brief introduction to me and has links to a number of posts I have written which share my story so far. I really must get around to bringing my story up-to-date in 2008!***************I have been asked to write a short "biographical" piece, so thought I would share it here. I am also slowly working my way through … [Read more...]

WARNIE AWARDS – Special Edition from Washington, D.C.

This special report on the Warnie Awards comes from Washington. Our investigator has been in the city trying to establish the reason for the high level of quality Christian blogging which seems to emanate from that area.Following the exclusive post concerning theodoping revealed on Challies' blog, the Warnie Award organisation wanted to be sure there was no foul play before awarding a clutch of Warnies to some of Washington’s finest bloggers. A series of allegations which have emerged in the p … [Read more...]

MLJ MONDAY – What is the Gift of Tongues?

Today the Doctor brings his inimitable talent for careful analysis to the gift of tongues. Note, that he is not in this post speaking of whether or not tongues continue today; instead this is his view about the mechanics of how the gift of tongues works."I want to suggest to you now that a lot of the trouble has arisen because people have not given the full significance to the word ‘tongue’ — [in the phrases] ‘in an unknown tongue’ or ‘in a tongue’, the ‘unknown’ is generally supplied. What is th … [Read more...]

ROUND-UP – The Holy Spirit and the Charismatics

I know some of you might think that all I ever blog about is the charismatic/cessationist debate and the gifts of the Spirit. At first sight, this list of over 90 posts might seem to confirm that. But, this list of posts amounts to only around 4 per cent of the total number of my posts so far. There is much more to this blog than the Holy Spirit, but as I can't seem to find time to write my new post series on this subject to answer Dan Phillips (I will do so eventually, honest!) - in the … [Read more...]

Out of Town, but the Blog Lives On . . .

Well, I'm off for a three-day blog hiatus. This is caused neither by a holiday, nor sickness, but by work.You know the score by now . . . if you are desperate to read good stuff – what are you doing here anyway? Follow the Warnie headlines, or read some MARTYN LLOYD-JONES or JOHN PIPER posts or explore the rest of my archives. Failing that, you could always go buy yourself some discounted Logos Bible Software and get into studying the Bible in depth with this fantastic tool.What have you got to l … [Read more...]

MLJ Monday – The Doctor Changes His Mind

In the Preface to Great Doctrines of the Bible, the editors note that after World War II, Lloyd-Jones held discussion meetings at Westminster Chapel in London on Friday evenings to talk about practical issues in the Christian life. Because many people began asking him questions about biblical doctrines, the Doctor began a series of lectures on those subjects, which began in 1952 and lasted into 1955. This series of lectures eventually were published as part of Great Doctrines of the Bible.In our … [Read more...]


Martyn Lloyd-Jones was unquestionably the world's greatest English-speaking Christian teacher of the last century. It is essential that we continue to learn and benefit from this gift of God to the whole church.Loved by charismatics and cessationists alike, even at the height of the tensions felt in the 1960's and 1970's, "The Doctor" as he is affectionately known to this day, requires your attention.Here on this blog we give space every Monday for "MLJ Monday". Read the following posts, which … [Read more...]

Terrorists Score a Victory Without Firing a Shot

In the UK today our typical "stiff upper lip" is showing definite signs of cracking. Amidst chaotic scenes at Heathrow caused by new stringent security measures, passengers are starting to express openly their frustration. There is a feeling that there is simply not enough staff on duty to cope with the new measures. Meanwhile, some who have been able to check their luggage are still failing to get to the gates on time; this has led to cracks opening in official circles. Today we have seen … [Read more...]

MLJ Monday – Were Tongues in Acts and 1 Corinthians BOTH Unintelligible?

In the excerpt I am quoting today, Martyn Lloyd-Jones weighs in on the current discussion regarding the gift of tongues. He attempts to answer the question, "Is there a discrepancy between the tongues described in the book of Acts and those referred to by Paul in 1 Corinthians?" Now clearly the Doctor's view contained in this post, if totally correct, seems to cause some problems for BOTH my position AND Dan's. But I will, for now, allow him to simply speak for himself without trying to fully … [Read more...]