MLJ Monday – The Doctor Changes His Mind

In the Preface to Great Doctrines of the Bible, the editors note that after World War II, Lloyd-Jones held discussion meetings at Westminster Chapel in London on Friday evenings to talk about practical issues in the Christian life. Because many people began asking him questions about biblical doctrines, the Doctor began a series of lectures on those subjects, which began in 1952 and lasted into 1955. This series of lectures eventually were published as part of Great Doctrines of the Bible.In our … [Read more...]


Martyn Lloyd-Jones was unquestionably the world's greatest English-speaking Christian teacher of the last century. It is essential that we continue to learn and benefit from this gift of God to the whole church.Loved by charismatics and cessationists alike, even at the height of the tensions felt in the 1960's and 1970's, "The Doctor" as he is affectionately known to this day, requires your attention.Here on this blog we give space every Monday for "MLJ Monday". Read the following posts, which … [Read more...]

Terrorists Score a Victory Without Firing a Shot

In the UK today our typical "stiff upper lip" is showing definite signs of cracking. Amidst chaotic scenes at Heathrow caused by new stringent security measures, passengers are starting to express openly their frustration. There is a feeling that there is simply not enough staff on duty to cope with the new measures. Meanwhile, some who have been able to check their luggage are still failing to get to the gates on time; this has led to cracks opening in official circles. Today we have seen … [Read more...]

MLJ Monday – Were Tongues in Acts and 1 Corinthians BOTH Unintelligible?

In the excerpt I am quoting today, Martyn Lloyd-Jones weighs in on the current discussion regarding the gift of tongues. He attempts to answer the question, "Is there a discrepancy between the tongues described in the book of Acts and those referred to by Paul in 1 Corinthians?" Now clearly the Doctor's view contained in this post, if totally correct, seems to cause some problems for BOTH my position AND Dan's. But I will, for now, allow him to simply speak for himself without trying to fully … [Read more...]

25% Off Logos Bible Software by Libronix

UPDATEIn January 2008, the following post was identified as the 26th most-read post on this blog. The 27th most-read post was "The Best Blond Joke in the World Ever."If you don't yet own Logos Bible Software, then this offer is still available. If you purchase through my site, I receive some reimbursement as a result. You will not regret this, I'm sure!***************I'm delighted to be able to bring you a very special deal from one of my favorite Christian companies. Logos Bible Software has … [Read more...]

Google Toolbar – the Blogger's Toolkit

Every now and then I decide I want to pull back the curtain and let you see a little bit about what goes on behind the scenes here. I thought today I would share one of my favorite blogging tools with you - the beta version of the Google Toolbar.If you want to download this yourself after I have finished going over it, then simply click on the Google Toolbar logo at the top of this post. Incidentally, in case you haven't noticed, almost all my graphics have a link embedded in them. So, for … [Read more...]

Spurgeon "Wins" Stolen Warnie Award

Well, there are no lengths that some people won't go to in order to honour their heroes. Spurgeon isn't even alive to thank him, but Phil Johnson has stolen the graphic he created for me and has unilaterally decided to award one to The Prince of Preachers.All I can say is that Spurgeon deserves it. With an output to rival any modern blogger, when Phil isn't creating graphics for the Web, writing MacArthur's books, or refusing to answer questions on cessationism, he is slowly placing all of … [Read more...]

Announcing the Rebirth of the Warnie Awards and Some New Winners!

If you are reading this post on my blog's home page, you should have noticed a new addition to the blog - a list of headlines from previous Warnie Award winners. This is all part of my mission to become a more influential blogger by driving you away from my own blog to the sites that I love! These people have much better stuff to say than I do - so go read their material, but keep coming back here to find it. The list of articles will always be bang up-to-date, so it's a great reason to visit my … [Read more...]

The Power of the Pen, the Blogger's Keyboard, and the Way I Write

As you can see, I've been adding a few pictures to my sidebar in an attempt to make it look less cluttered - sorry if you noticed the mess as I moved the furniture around in here!The pen has always been the tool of the writer. So, here is a picture of a pen in honor of the power that it has wielded for centuries. Words really do have power - Christians must believe that if they are to remain faithful to the Bible. Ours is the most book-friendly of all world religions, and it is no surprise to me … [Read more...]

Are You an Influential Blogger?

Sometimes certain blogs are described as "influential." I have spent a lot of time thinking about what being influential means and how it can be measured. We could measure this in many different ways, which don’t all necessarily go together:The number of people who read your site or your "hit rate."The number of people who read more than one page and then become regular readers.Your ability to send your readers to other websites and/or to cause them to want to buy certain products.The number of p … [Read more...]