From a reader on gifts of the Holy Spirit

"I am constantly amazed by how many people in the church can be utterly faithful to the gospel, but then can be unwilling to be reformed by Scripture in other areas. In my Sunday school class on James, we recently discussed what it means for a man to 'walk away from a mirror and forget what he looks like.' James laments a common problem... the unwillingness to use God's Word to look at and reform those areas in your life or church that aren't glorifying to God or making full use of his … [Read more...]

Blogging the Gifts 1 Cor 12:1

I got this on email today:I was wondering if you can tell me how tongues and prophecy are being used in your church. Right now I am in the open but cautious heading toward desiring. Thanks for you blog and sermons.How can any charismatic blogger ignore an email request like that? Not this one! Clearly my bloggers block is now resolved. I will indeed in a series of posts explain how we use spiritual gifts in Jubilee and other similar churches.So, here's my plan, I will blog my way through 1 … [Read more...]

The present and active God

PyroManiac: quotes Spurgeon today "Even if you could obtain miraculous gifts, you ought not to be satisfied to speak with tongues, nor to work miracles; but you should press on to know the Spirit with yourself indwelling, communing, quickening you."In this quote Spurgeon shows himself to be the "experiential cessationist" I know him to be. Many modern or so-called "total cessationists" would not recognize this clear experience that Spurgeon talks of. I wonder if Phil would, or if he would … [Read more...]

Brothers, Pray for us pajama preachers

Piper quotes Paul's pleas for his readers to pray for him and asks "Can you hear the depth of need this apostle feels for God's help?"Piper is absolutely right to say that "....WHAT COUNTS MOST...... CANNOT BE ACCOMPLISHED BY MAN LEFT TO HIMSELF."Please pray for me this year. I dont know which is scarier, knowing that I run a blog with a too-rapidly growing audience or that I preach to a church with a too-rapidly growing congregation. I say too rapidly, because with the growth of each comes … [Read more...]

The final Warnie of 2005 goes to………

After much careful deliberation, the judges (OK, JUDGE) has decided who to award the final Warnie of the year to. Warnies are merely a sign that I like and read a particular blog and think that more of you should read it. I am not always good at spotting up and coming blogs, but at least some of the previous warnie winners now win as many if not more readers as me for which I am very grateful.So, please applaud loudly as I get to the announcement that you have all (OK, a few of you....!) beenw … [Read more...]

How to make the most of google reader

I have only just discovered the fantastic google reader, which allows you to subscribe to feeds, and read them online whilst sorting them by the date of the post- ie so that you can see the freshest posts first rather than working through all your feeds. I have added a link to my sidebar to enable my readers to add this blog to Google reader. If you have a blog, you may want to do the same (replacing my feed address with your own of course!)Google reader even has an OPML file import feature. … [Read more...]

The year in review

Its that time of the year when we look back, get all misty eyed and think about the year that was. This will probably be a long post, in it I will first reflect on the ridiculously flattering but also rather humbling level of readership that has come this way in 2005, then I will review the highlights of the blogging year for me. Its my chance to think about what I have liked about blogging this year- who knows you might find even some interesting posts you would like to go back and read. … [Read more...]

Nominations remain open for the final warnie award of 2005

Nominations can still be submitted for the final warnie of 2005 - I will be rewarding it between christmas and New Year. So, get typing and why not take the opportunity to thank the bloggers that have most influenced you this year. Being specific about posts that have stood the test of time and ways in which blogging has enriched your life would be most encouraging to bloggers I am sure. Please remember to make your nominations on your blog and place a link in the comments here. … [Read more...]

Apostles are meant for today- Challies wheels out the big guns in the charismatic debate

Challies has brought in the big guns and is interviewing Dr Sam Waldron and Dr Wayne Grudem on the subject of cessationism/charismaticism. Today, Sam Waldron has an interesting argument which is essentially a cascade argument:The people we read in my doctoral program (and at the same time these people that would assume that cessationism was nonsensical and not even discussable) would in almost the same breath admit or assume that Apostles no longer exist in the church today ("big A" Apostles). … [Read more...]

All I need is a miracle…..

You cannot have Christianity without miracles.You can have a watchmaker God who winds up the world and leaves it ticking slowly down to its entropy-determined increasing chaos. But you cannot have the God of the Bible. He has an annoying habit of breaking into his nice orderly world and upsetting the nice orderly way we expect things to proceed. Making things "out of nothing", flooding the world, causing elderly women and young virgins to conceive and give birth. Parting Oceans and … [Read more...]