The joys of blogging

There is something gratifiying about blogging. Especially something about marking milestones in the life of a blog. The history of Challies Dot Com is both an encouragement to bloggers who feel no one will ever notice them, and a warning to those of us Challies outs as slackers. Challies advocates daily committment to blogging. My own erratic style probably isnt the best and Challies marks 2 years of not stop blogging by saying: "I know that once I take a day off I will take another and … [Read more...]

Announcing two new Warnie Award winners

Every now and then you discover a blog and you think, "why o why wasnt I reading this before?" Today's warnie award ceremony brings you not one but two of these. Both of these blogs seem to have been touched with the influence of Piper to a greater or lesser extent. Both of these blogs seem to be being linked to in quite a number of places at the moment. Both of them are the rare kind of blogs that I really love that manage to combine theological posts with other "real life" issues and some … [Read more...]

New warnie winners graphic

Phil has come up with a new warnie award graphic for winners to display on their blogs.- what do you think of it? If previous winners like it and want to place it on their blog the code for the three different sizes of award is at the bottom of this post.Previous winners of the award are not of course obligated to place the award on their blog, but it is a way for bloggers to direct their readers to the warnie awards aggregator.If you want to be a warnie winner, or better yet you think someone … [Read more...]

Girl talk's Warnie Acceptance Speech

girl talk: have posted their acceptance speech. Do pop over there and pay them a visit. And guys, it is ok to drop them an email to congratulate them on their great blog! So here are some extracts from their speech!They should get another award for the kindest words about my blog anyone has said in their Warnie award. I am at a loss for why they were so nice, but then again years of listening to the man they call dad speak about other people at the beginning of his sermon should have made … [Read more...]

A new "Warnie" award winner is revealed……..

For those of you who are new to the concept of the "Warnie" awards, these are a fun way that every now and then I acknowledge a blogger who is in my view outstanding. The rough criteria I use is that a blog must be-1. A blog which I like and read regularly2. Relatively unknown at the moment, but in my view deserving of much greater attention3. Not too embarrassed when I approach them to offer an award!In fact, the "Warnie" seems to have become something of a collectors item lately and most … [Read more...]

Warnie awards and a logo competition

I am pleased to announce two more members of that exclusive club- the winners of Warnie awards. The first was a favorite of mine a while back and should really have recieved an award by now. The Happy Husband is a fantastic blog. Blogging about marriage in todays society is crucial, and much needed. We need more of these niche blogs- what about worship blogs, working as a christian blogs, fatherhood, or perhaps being a wife (actually girltalk does that fantastically well- the women of the … [Read more...]

The Return of the Warnie Awards

Once again the award that simply will not go away has returned. Two new proud recipients are unveiled on an unsuspecting world.The first receipient, is a fellow Warnie, although Dave Warnock says he has never been called that nickname. Perhaps something to do with his methodist sensibilities? Warnie is kid of Arniesque really so perhaps as a nickname it is less suitable for our methodist brother? He is certainly nothing if not gentlemanly (Ed- or should that be gentlepersonally?) in our … [Read more...]

What is Reformed or Calvinist theology- a book review of a modern defence of Calvinism

R.C Sprouls book "What is Reformed Theology is the best available simple explanation of Reformed Theology I have seen. You may have never heard of Reformed theology or youmay have rejected out of court what you believe Calvinism stands for. The truth is that despite its current neglect the theology Sproul so clearly explains in this book has been immensely influential in the centuries since the reformation. Sproul explains what the so-called "solas" mean, and outlines each of the so-called "five … [Read more...]

The ESV – A Bible Translation for Everyone?

UPDATE In January 2008, the following post was identified as the 3rd all-time most popular post with readers of this blog. The 4th most-read post was one in a series of posts cataloguing an online debate about baptism and church membership among theological heavyweights, including John Piper, Sam Storms, Wayne Grudem, and Mark Dever, among others.This third-ranked post represents the first in my series of interviews with Christian leaders. I had no idea back in 2005 where the blogging journey … [Read more...]

ESV: assisted by God

To what extent was the translation of the ESV Bible one consciously assisted by prayer and the Holy Spirit? How conscious of his work in illuminating and guiding our understanding of God's Word were you in working together on this translation? <!-- D(["mb","rnrnWatchrnVern Poythress respond (Windows Media format).",1] ); D(["mb","rnrnThe question is, what role did prayer and ourrndependence on God have in the process of working on the ESV translation? Irnthink it had a very … [Read more...]