Arminian Grace?

Last night in my offline life I had an interesting conversation about calvinistic theology. Since I have been stressing the charismatic side of my theology for a while I thought perhaps I would emphasize in this post my reformed roots.The trouble with blogs is that all too often the archives disappear into the mists of time and nobody reads them. I linked in my post on defining a reformed charismatic to a number of my old posts including a whole series I did on the TULIP acronym. These posts … [Read more...]

Nominations open for the final warnie award of 2005

Its almost the season of goodwill. Now we are actually in the month of December I am happy to start speaking of Christmas. The Warnie awards are my own thank you gift to the Christian blogosphere for giving me such a lot of fun and for continuing to surprise me with the level of appreciation links and readership that comes the way of this blog.Well, Christmas has come early this year! I have decided to give out one more warnie award this side of the new year, but I am going to do it a bit … [Read more...]

Peace to all……principles for God bloggers

This kind of thing saddens me and I have debated about whether or not to give it airtime. This weeks row has in my view not been the best blogging moments of several on both sides.I am not planning on taking sides, but would like to take this opportunity to share some lessons that I have learnt the hard way by my own mistakes in the past. This time round I am sitting on the sidelines, but for sure I have regrets over the way I have approached things at times in my blogging over the years.First … [Read more...]

Do cessationists have a real relationship with God?

21st Century Reformation quotes a paragraph from one of my previous posts:"The cessationist who concerns me is the one who does not believe that there is any sense in which we have a relational experience of God today."and responded as follows before producing some quotes to support his position:Oh for a thousand tongues to sing my great redeemers praise. Such affection only comes from what Adrian here calls ?a relationship experience of GodHere is the Major issue. This passion to share … [Read more...]

Fallible Prophecy?

JOLLYBLOGGER has a helpful contribution to our debate on the charismatic view of prophecy. He explains Grudem's view of NT prophecy and why he doesnt quite believe it. He concludes:"When we call something 'prophecy' that is really my own interpretation of some spontaneous impression we are giving a greater weight to that impression/interpretation than it can carry. The same applies when we use phrases like 'God told me.' Calling my own spontaneous (and subjective by the way) impressions … [Read more...]

Fallible Prophecy?

Postscript Posthaste: Fallible Prophecy?: "When I read this post by Adrian Warnock this morning, I just had to respond. Particularly because he has backed himself into such a corner, he's bound to come out the other side as either a cessationist himself or a very inconsistent charismatic (if he hasn't achieved that title already)."He then goes on to talk about scripture-forming prophecy and claim that because scripture-forming prophecy was infallible then all prophecy is infallible. Once … [Read more...]

The charismatic debate – are impressions prophecy?

In the ongoing charismatic debate JOLLYBLOGGER: speaks of the reformed doctrine of providence:"I think this speaks to charismatics and cessationists. To the charismatics it blurs the natural/supernatural distinction. In other words its not as if God is absent from the natural and present in the supernatural. God is present in everything. The fact that I just took a breath is an example of direct, divine activity. In other words, I am as dependent on the power of God to enable me to … [Read more...]

Charismatics, prophecy and healing

I hope that this latest charismata discussion will help us to correct misunderstandings. For example, Agent Tim thinks I believe tongues is a means of salvation- I have never said that and reject that notion totally! Also, unbelievably for me even after our debate of last year jollyblogger seems stuck with the idea that prophecy is about perfect revelations we cant question. How this fits with the biblical notion of NT prophecy as fallible to be "tested" and which gives incomplete knowledge I … [Read more...]

The joys of blogging

There is something gratifiying about blogging. Especially something about marking milestones in the life of a blog. The history of Challies Dot Com is both an encouragement to bloggers who feel no one will ever notice them, and a warning to those of us Challies outs as slackers. Challies advocates daily committment to blogging. My own erratic style probably isnt the best and Challies marks 2 years of not stop blogging by saying: "I know that once I take a day off I will take another and … [Read more...]

Announcing two new Warnie Award winners

Every now and then you discover a blog and you think, "why o why wasnt I reading this before?" Today's warnie award ceremony brings you not one but two of these. Both of these blogs seem to have been touched with the influence of Piper to a greater or lesser extent. Both of these blogs seem to be being linked to in quite a number of places at the moment. Both of them are the rare kind of blogs that I really love that manage to combine theological posts with other "real life" issues and some … [Read more...]