Eternal Perspectives has posted his �Warnie� acceptance speech

Winning a �Warnie� is so graciously received these days that it must cause non-bloggers to wonder. After all a Warnie merely represents me feeling that a particular blog is worthy of recognition. Previous Warnie winners do nominate new members of this exclusive club, but it is I who has the final say and should take the credit or blame! Some have wondered why most Warnie winners are non-Americans. Well, I suspect this may be because Warnies tend to be issued to non-political blogs, and many o … [Read more...]

And the winner of the next warnie and my Blogging challenge is……

Following on from Eternal Perspectives masterly demolition of the opposition of the opposition, how can I do anything other than award this fantastic blog the next warnie to a truly worthy blogger. So pop along and welcome the newest member of the exclusive club of "Warnies"! … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE interview opportunity with the ESV Translation committee

I am delighted to announce that I have been honored with an exclusive "interview" with the Translation Oversight Committee of the English Standard Version of the Bible. I will be asking them ten questions, which they promise to answer! My respect for this version of the bible continues to increase, and despite my best goading I have found surprisingly few bloggers who will publicly detract from it. Maybe my first question should be "Why, out of all the bloggers who love the ESV did you choose … [Read more...]

Announcing the return of the Warnie awards

The Warnie Aggregator is now working again. With much eager anticipation I am thrilled to announce another reciepient of the "Warnie award for fantastic blogging"- Bluefish. Written by a fellow reformed charismatic and admirer of men like Piper and Mahaney how can I resist this blog? Add some fantastic potential song lyrics and a love for preaching and the ESV and the deal is done!Only one thing left- as my email is down tonight I havent been able to drop the chap a line and ask him for his … [Read more...]

Unveiled Face's Warnie Acceptance speech

Unveiled Face: responding to his surprise warnie award:"Before saying anything else I should confess that once upon a time (i.e. quite recently), I would have added this to my collection of self-esteem-boosting stuff stored up in my brain. However, it is a testimony to Christ's transforming work that I can use this opportunity to truly thank God for all blessings - including this kind of encouragement :-)I really do appreciate the response to these posts, and I also hereby guarantee some far … [Read more...]

Warnie award shock as 10 day old blog walks away with gong

In amazing turn of events a prestigious blogging award has gone to an outsider who only began blogging TEN days ago! "Has Adrian lost his mind?" the blogosphere is asking tonight. "Did he have one in the first place?" the detractors may well ask. I can assure you that unlike certain election bloggers no money has chaned hands over tonights award (nor incidently over the recent ESV blogging- although I think I deserve more than a free bible for those efforts!) The reason for tonights decision … [Read more...]

Warnie Acceptance Speeches

Christweb and Rebecca have their acceptance speeches up on their blogs. Welcome to the club both of you! Now you all know what kind of blogs I like, email submissions from you my readers, highlighting the next rising star blog who deserves a "Warnie" would be great! … [Read more...]

Tonights Warnie awards ceremony……

.....comes to you as always from London England. Without any of my usual waffly preamble I intend to cut straight to the chase and announce two more winners of a "Warnie award for Blogging excelence". Both winners today I have been aware of for some time, and these awards reflect their persistance in great blogging. I hope that these awards will introduce more people to tonights winners-Christweb and Rebecca Writes why not congratulate them on your own blog for recieving this honor. … [Read more...]

John Piper on the ESV

John Piper was frequently quoted by other bloggers who like me love the ESV, heres what he says, he goes onto list some specific examples:Not only am I not on board. I would be happy to see the NIV sail into the sunset if it could be replaced by the ESV as the standard preaching, reading, memorizing Bible of the English-speaking church. I feel so strongly about this that I volunteered to do this tonight before I was asked. There is no coercion here. I feel what I am about to say with a passion … [Read more...]

Scotwise's Warnie acceptance speech

SCOTWISE grandly continues the tradition of an acceptance speech following his recent welll-deserver warnie award. … [Read more...]