Has the UK government breached the Human Rights Act in recent school regulations?

The Christian Institute have made public a legal opinion they commissioned from John Bowers QC regarding recent changes to the school regulations that seem to require religious schools to cease being religious schools. For More Information UKChristian School reports closure threat Is a UK government body harassing Jewish and Christian schools? Bowers argues that the regulations breach the Human Rights Act, stating: "Under the second sentence of Article 2 of the First Protocol parents have a … [Read more...]

Lessons from Tony Blair and Gordon Brown

Over the summer I read memoirs written by the so-called "Third Man" of New Labour, Peter Mandleson.  I found him an engaging writer.  And I enjoyed reflecting on what we can learn as leaders from politicians. Some matters are clearly "natural revelation,"  if we can learn from the ant according to the wisdom of Proverbs, surely we can learn from people too.  Long-term readers of my blog will not be surprised that my impression of Gordon Brown after reading those memoirs was not made any better.  … [Read more...]

Wayne Grudem on persuasion and insisting on people’s right to disagree

This video is worth watching just to see Grudem explaining the following statement: "We have to insist on the right of others to disagree with us and protect that right." We would do well to meditate carefully on this short clip, as we think about how we should disagree both with other Christians and unbelievers. It perhaps has particular relevance to the arguments that sometimes happen with those of other persuasions in our culture over politics, religious, and other beliefs:watch on … [Read more...]

As we wait for a Prime Minister, do we want electoral reform?

Gordon Brown has been described in some papers this morning as a "ranting squatter." Ironically, our first past the post system, designed as it is to give us a clear winner, has failed for the first time in 30 years to do just that. In so doing, it gives us a clear insight into what would happen if we do change to PR. In fact in countries with PR this kind of delay in forming a government is just normal. Indeed, most countries at least have some transitional time. We are very unusual in that … [Read more...]

David Cameron Backs Christian Philippa Stroud as Candidate for MP

Let's do what we can today to neutralize the Twitter campaign of hatred which has been going on under the tag of #philippastroud. I think that most reasonable people of all political persuasions find dogmatism, hatred and prejudice totally unacceptable. The truth is, however, that tolerance must work both ways. Irrespective of the facts of this case, which have clearly been disputed by Philippa, it seems very clear that there has been an incredible outpouring of hatred and intolerance … [Read more...]

Why I plan on voting Conservative Part Three – Leadership

This is the final post in this political series, and as I said at the beginning all these posts represent just my own position. I am very aware that many genuine Christians would think differently to me on these matters. In particular these posts must not be taken as in any way reflecting the position of the church I attend. I have not discussed their content with the other leaders there. Politics is much less important than the work of building the church and sharing the gospel.Long-term … [Read more...]

Why I plan on voting Conservative Part 2 – Christian Values

Over the last few years there is no question that the Labour government have overseen a striking de-Christianisation of our country. Told by his spin doctor that he could not “do God”, Blair then Brown have seen fit to pass a series of laws that either directly contradict Christian principles, or have components that have helped to further exclude Christians from the public square. I am convinced that we cannot afford another five years of Brown.  We Christians risk finding ourselves genuinely pe … [Read more...]

Why I plan to vote Conservative in the UK Election Part 1 – Social Justice

At the outset of this series, I do want to make a few points.  Firstly, this whole set of posts represents merely my own point of view. I would not want you to assume that everyone in the local church I attend agrees with, or should agree with, what I am about to say.  Nor would I want you to think that anything I say implies that all Christians should hold to these opinions.  In the UK we have a long history of Christians supporting and being involved in all the major political parties, and I st … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW: Wayne Grudem on Politics and the Christian

This is an extract of a video interview, the rest of which will be shared on the blog later on.  In light of our current election campaign, I thought it would be especially relevant for British readers to watch this right now. Wayne does not specifically address the UK's political choice, but rather we speak about errors Christians make with regards to politics.  I believe it is vital that Christians are more engaged in politics here in Britain.  This is a crucial election with regards to our co … [Read more...]

You Should Care About Politics – Make The Cross Count

I intend to blog a bit about the UK's election over the next weeks. I am more interested than usual about this one. Perhaps this is partly because a friend of mine is standing. But, it is also a critical election for us because of the state of the nation's finances, among other things.  Some of my American Christian readers would just assume that we would all support the conservative party without a moment's thought. Our politics is not as simple as that. I will try and explain things a bit in … [Read more...]