'Politics is Futile' – The Doctor

The Christian world is divided between those who think Christians spend too little attention to this world and its political problems and those who think we spend too much. Being "in the world but not of the world" surely means we have room for error at either extreme. My observation? American Christians seem to as a group perhaps be overly concerned about politics, while us Brits tend to veer to the other extreme and may even proudly declare that we don't vote. So, perhaps today's quote is … [Read more...]

The Most Viewed Video In the World or Brown’s Comeuppance

I have been saying since even before Gordon Brown took over that I was worried he would not be a good prime minister for our country. Now a viral video that strongly lists some of his failings and was apparently not covered on any major news outlet in the UK has become the most watched video on youtube. The guy doesn't pull any punches. Look out for Brown's peculiar nervous smile half way through as he thinks of how to respond. There have been 730,961 views of this video, and I think it … [Read more...]

Now It Is Time To Pray for President Obama

Much of the world is rejoicing today. Even with the profound differences Christians have with Obama over abortion, surely we can still rejoice that in a nation where slavery and segregation are not too distant memories, a non-Caucasian will be in the White House.We can and we should be glad that this change may well lead to a reduction in the racial tensions experienced in that great nation. Who can really claim that there is still an absolute and unchanging glass ceiling when Obama just smashed … [Read more...]

US Presidential Election Coverage

I don't intend to cover the US election here in any detail. But I thought I should point you in a few directions if you are interested. One thing that has always puzzled UK evangelicals like me is why US politics is so polarized, with so few evangelicals voting Democratic. If you want a clear explanation as to why this is, Justin Taylor explains evangelical concerns about Obama in quite simply the most clear way I have ever seen, while interacting with John Piper's views, with which, in some … [Read more...]

Debt Is Robbing From The Future

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has now stated the obvious by finally agreeing with bankers that the world seems to be heading into a recession. It is worthwhile spending a few moments reviewing the reason we seem to be heading for the financial rocks. The answer is quite simple — as nations we owe too much. We are even seeing whole nations in danger of bankruptcy, as individual bankruptcy is becoming big business.Centuries ago, the Bible understood that debt is something that should be avoided w … [Read more...]

Abortion Survivor Gianna Jessen

I received an email highlighting a video on youtube of Gianna Jessen who survived an abortion. Her story and advocacy of the rights of the unborn is compelling. More from Wikipedia or Gianna's official site. Part One … [Read more...]

VIDEO – Philippa Stroud – Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Sutton and Cheam

Philippa Stroud is the Executive Director of the UK's Centre for Social Justice. She spent seventeen years in poverty-fighting projects and published a book on social injustice before her involvement in the CSJ. From 1987 to 1989 Philippa worked in Hong Kong and Macau among the addict community. From 1989 to 1996 she pioneered a four-stage residential support project in Bedford enabling homeless people to move off the streets and to become contributing members of the community. From 2001 to 2003 … [Read more...]

Has Gordon Brown Doomed Obama?

In a typically clumsy political maneuver by Gordon Brown, he has had to retract his endorsement of US presidential candidate Barack Obama. UK prime ministers are usually extremely careful to remain neutral in American politics. Blair, for example, was possibly the only person in the world (other than perhaps Billy Graham) who was able to be a close personal and professional friend of both George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.The Times report suggests that Brown was forced to make his climb down by … [Read more...]

An E-mail From A Reader About Abortion

I was glad to receive this e-mail from a regular reader who disagrees with some of what I said recently about abortion and Gordon Brown's position. Dear Adrian,As a regular reader of your blog, I am pleased that you are highlighting the issue of abortion. You may also be interested in this video of Peter Saunders.However, I disagree with you about whether this should be party political issues.You said — "This is based on the fundamental principle that the people of the UK do not elect parties, t … [Read more...]

Abortion In The UK – Time To Make A Stand

Earlier this week, I posted on Gordon Brown's antagonism towards pro-lifers. I thought I would remind us of the opportunity that exists for us to do something about the forthcoming law if we live in the UK. There have been 6.7 million abortions since 1967 in the UK.Here are some things you can do if you live in the UK.1. PRAY, that God will work a miracle in the House. Emotions run high at the moment in Westminster so anything is possible. Well, actually even our non-British readers can do … [Read more...]