Gordon Brown Takes on the Church

Okay—political post warning. For those who think Christians should not engage in the political process or write political commentary, I suppose you’d better pass on by. But equally for those looking for an unequivocal statement of support for a particular party or leader, again pass on by.I think it’s important that we have opinions on political matters. And while I don’t often write about politics here on my blog, I have done so occasionally. For example, last December I expressed my strong conc … [Read more...]

Christian Candidate for London Mayor Gains Broad Support From Churches

This is not really a political blog. And I am not a campaigner for any one political party. Nor have I ever even been a member of a party. Nothing in this post should be taken as a personal endorsement of any candidate or even as a suggestion that I have already cast my own vote. As of yet, I don't know that much about Alan Craig myself. I just want to give you this opportunity to hear more about a Christian who is standing for office and clearly not getting as much media coverage as Ken … [Read more...]

Obama Addresses the Race Issue Head On

I am not an American. I don't like to interfere with American politics. This post should certainly not be construed as any kind of endorsement or rejection of any particular candidate for President of the United States. Last time I checked, only Americans have the responsibility of selecting the leader of the free world! I do appreciate, however, the strength of feelings on all sides that Obama, and more recently the comments by his ex-pastor, have ignited. You should not try and read into this … [Read more...]

New Legal Structure for Churches That Employ Their Leader and/or Do Not Vote

The UK EA has freely released some legal framework documents that may be of particular interest to you if your church is in Britain and is led by one of its employees and/or decisions are not taken by a vote of the full membership. Legal changes have led to the following announcement: "The Evangelical Alliance and the Charity Commission have announced the completion of three model governing documents that provide guidance for independent churches. These documents are the culmination of four … [Read more...]

Time to Put a Stop to Brown?

I should say before I start—there is a reason why I don't usually blog about politics. It's not normally something I feel strongly about. But right now a thought is welling up within me—something I suspect many people are feeling and few are willing to ask:Is it time for the Labour Party to fire their new leader and our prime minister?There — I've asked the unthinkable. Although, of course, since I am not a Labour MP, nor even a member or committed supporter of any political party, there is nothi … [Read more...]

The Beginning of the End for Gordon Brown?

I don't often mention politics on this blog. But today I simply can't resist. This weekend, election fever was rife in the UK. One of the many oddities of our UK political system is that, right now, a man who was never directly elected by the population to be Prime Minister has the power to call an election at a time of his choosing between now and June 2010!Because we don't have term limits or fixed terms for Parliament, Tony Blair finally stepped aside to let his Finance Minister become Prime … [Read more...]

Independence Day Reflections

I was going to try and think of something thoughtful to say today. I then realized that what I said last year couldn't be improved on by me, except that it already had, the year before. So here are the last two years of Independence Day blogging from me.Incidentally, it is interesting to see that several of the topics I said I wanted to get back to blogging about, I still haven't! Having said that, there has been progress on a few of them this last year! So here's what I had to say on the last … [Read more...]

Blair Resigns as British Prime Minister

I have often said that one aspect of the American political system that is sensible is term limits for the president. It is no great surprise to anyone that Tony Blair has today announced his intention to resign as prime minister at the end of June.In so doing, he has achieved a rare thing in British politics — leaving power at a time of his choosing and at a moment which many feel will place him in a good light. In a move that has been carefully choreographed, his announcement comes shortly a … [Read more...]

Terrorists Score a Victory Without Firing a Shot

In the UK today our typical "stiff upper lip" is showing definite signs of cracking. Amidst chaotic scenes at Heathrow caused by new stringent security measures, passengers are starting to express openly their frustration. There is a feeling that there is simply not enough staff on duty to cope with the new measures. Meanwhile, some who have been able to check their luggage are still failing to get to the gates on time; this has led to cracks opening in official circles. Today we have seen … [Read more...]

Will Blair fight on for a fourth term?

BBC NEWS reports: "Downing Street is trying to play down remarks by the prime minister that it was 'a mistake' to announce he was not standing for a fourth term."Nothing is ever straight forward in politics. Blairs original decision not to stand for a forth term was I am sure designed to deflect some criticism and political pressure from him. But the piece ends with another quote from the interview which is about Iraq but I cant help but wonder if he is starting to think this way about his role … [Read more...]