45 practical ways to improve your health and wellbeing

Despite being a doctor, I have not always been very good at taking good care of myself physically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually. So a few years ago I constructed a list of practical advice as much for myself as for my readers about how to strengthen what I call the four pillars of mental health and well being.Today, I went back and expanded the list, which now includes links to articles on the web and some resources to help you improve your health. The resulting complete … [Read more...]

The Christian and the Internet – Opportunities and Pitfalls

At the weekend I attended the Christian Medical Fellowship Student Conference. It was so encouraging to see hundreds of bright young medical students gathering to hear God's Word, and learn Christian principles that will help them at work.If you are a Christian Doctor, Nurse, or a student working towards such a career in the UK, I would certainly recommend this organization. Among many events they organize, in April they will be doing a Psychiatry Day Conference.I was asked to share a … [Read more...]

Adrian’s top 20 posts and controversy in the church

I thought I would share with you this summer my top twenty posts of all time (judged by traffic received since I moved to Patheos).  What is striking is that six out of the top ten are all about controversies in the church. I suppose it is inevitable that such things will draw the traffic. But, isn't it also a bit sad?I don't regret anything I said in these posts. And I am sure there will always be debate and controversies within the church. Isn't it just a little sad, however, that we all s … [Read more...]

LIVE Webcast: Using technology to grow your church plant

This video is a webcast I did on using technology, including the Internet and social media, for the good of the local church. It was a Google Hangout session which included a small group a group of church planters, but is available for anyone to watch. You can also download the slides.You can watch the recording herePlease send any questions via the comments here on Twitter with @adrianwarnock in the tweet. Although primarily aimed at church plants, the material will be of interest to … [Read more...]

My favorite Tweets from #AddaWordRuinaChristianBook

It is amazing what one Tweet can start. A solitary Christian writer decided it would be fun to start a hash tag #AddaWordRuinaChristianBook, where the goal is simply to add a word to a title of a Christian book and make it seem hilarious, and perhaps just plain ridiculous.  It is a lot of light fun, and at one point I believe the hashtag was the top trending meme on Twitter in the USA.For some of you, this post may just be one more reason not to join Twitter. Others of you, like me, will fi … [Read more...]

Twenty types of tweet: how many do you use on Twitter?

Perhaps the recipe for success on Twitter is posting the right proportion of some or maybe even all of the following types of tweet. When someone posts too many of any individual variety of post it can certainly be off-putting in my view. A balanced diet is definitely best, and yet some of these types of tweet should be more used than others. One thing for sure, however, once you have read this list you will never be able to say "but there's nothing I could write about" again!I think that … [Read more...]

Live Hangout on Creating Social Media Buzz

I joined Greg Surratt and his other guests for a conversation about social media and Christian ministry.  I certainly enjoyed our conversation, and I hope you will. Make yourself a coffee, sit down, relax!You can also check in for future hangouts or view  previous ministry hangouts can be viewed on YouTube and they make a great resource.Some highlights of our session included the following:A claim that anyone who says they never check their social media stats is simply lying Me c … [Read more...]

Introducing a new comment system and getting to know you better

I realized recently that I totally missed the ten year anniversary of this blog! I would love to take the opportunity that such an anniversary  provides to get to know some of your better. I have a new discussion system in place to help facilitate that.I am pleased to announce that Disqus has been activated on my blog to replace my old comments system.  There are a number of advantages to using this system.  Firstly it allows you to track all your comments in one place and see who has rep … [Read more...]

Top 20 Influential Christian Women on Twitter

This is a list, taken from my Top Christian bloggers list.  The ranking is based solely on number of Twitter followers, which does of course have limitations, but is something that is easily verifiable. Please do refer also to my post about being aware of the dangers of being too interested in whether you are or are not in a list like this.One fascinating thing, especially in light of the complementarian / egalitarian debate is that although many of these women figure very highly in the top n … [Read more...]

Top 60 Influential Christians on Twitter (non-pastors)

This is a list, taken from my Top Christian bloggers list, omitting group accounts and senior pastors (ie the leader of an individual church) / denominational leaders.  These people are primarily exercising informal influence  rather than organisational leadership, although of course many of them will lead organisations, even if they do, they are not exercising spiritual authority in a church context. The ranking is based solely on number of Twitter followers, which does of course have li … [Read more...]