Top 40 Referring Blogs of 2011 – Thanks for sending traffic this way

As the year begins to draw to an end, one thing I like to do is share a list of the top non-search engine referrers to this blog. This is of course by way of thank you. I do encourage you, if you own a blog, to frequently link to your favorite bloggers and interact with them. And, if you don't have a blog, why not think of starting one?Thank you is deserved by the following sites especially, but also by the many more sites who individually sent fewer, but in collection with others sent more … [Read more...]

Adding Bible Content Automatically

Most Christian websites and blogs will have biblical references scattered throughout their text. But how much better would it be if that content could be automatically linked to one of the Bible websites that are out there? Well, I suspect it could be even better if, instead of merely inserting a link, you could automatically insert a little pop-up window that revealed the text without even leaving the website. That's exactly what I can now do here on the blog.That's just what those wonderful … [Read more...]

UK's Christian Blog Awards

On Friday night I was privileged to be invited to attend a glitzy Christian Blog Award ceremony sponsored by a number of prominent Christian organizations, including the UK's Premier Christian Radio.You can imagine my pleasure, then, when some of the awards went to some of my blogging friends. I was also deeply honored and somewhat pleasantly surprised to receive second place in the "Most Inspiring Leadership" category. I hadn't really thought of this blog specifically as a leadership blog, but … [Read more...]

Reports of the Death of Stand-Alone Bloggers Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

I missed the fact that Joe Carter hung up his solo blogging hat, but caught it on The Tall Skinny Kiwi's site. As one who is still in mourning for the passing of Phil Johnson's solo blog, and before that the true godfather of Christian blogging, Josh Clayborn, I'm disappointed by this latest development. I also don't think that Joe is right when he says that solo blogging is becoming passe. There seems to be waves of solo bloggers who arise, some of whom die away quickly, while others defect to … [Read more...]

Bloggers at the Desiring God Conference

Abraham Piper has invited any bloggers coming to the DGM conference later this month to an open house on the Saturday evening. I so wish that I could be there, but sadly I can't. I am, however, sending a representative. My dear friend and pastor, Tope Koleoso (pictured right), is planning on attending the conference and will provide us with his feedback here on my blog. Do look out for him there, and say hello to him for me if you will be there!UPDATEIt's not too late to book into this … [Read more...] wordled

ALERT, web tool with serious addiction potential ahead! Well, I managed to manhandle my blog tool to export 500 posts on one page, copied the text and generated the following wordle. Its a bit of fun. See also the following interesting wordles - Team Pyro, All the books of the New Testament (be sure to click to part two) … [Read more...]

The Top 40 Referrers To This Blog

One of my habits is that once per year I like to share with you a list of the top traffic referrers to my blog. This excludes search engines and blog aggregators. This time I thought I'd do it for half a year. So, here is the list for the first six months of 2008. You can compare the 2007 list — positions are placed in brackets after the current one.There are a few things that are worth noting. For the first time I have included some interesting data which says something about the "quality" of t … [Read more...]


Maybe you didn't even miss us, but if you did, I am sharing an e-mail below that I received in my inbox shortly after returning from the USA on Saturday, which explains why you have been unable to reach my site. Nine thousand servers (and hence probably 100,000 websites) going down in one day is a massive deal! This kind of event is obviously almost unprecedented, and I am grateful for the efforts of our hosts in dealing with this difficult situation, as well as their regular updates. But it … [Read more...]

Please Be My Friend, But . . . Don't Ever Call Me Adrian Warlock!

Today I thought I'd tell you a little about an integrated approach I've set up to make use of the online social networking websites, and also to share with you some different ways you can access the content of this blog. Basically I have tried to ensure that a few of these sites will work together for me, that each of them, therefore, will offer you another way to follow the blog, and, where possible, point you to other material I think you should be reading before mine.Before I get into all of … [Read more...]

Adrian's Blog is Five Years Old Today and a Competition

It’s my blogoversary today. Five years is a long time. At the moment I can only think of a handful of other Christian blogs that I still read from time-to-time that were around back in 2003. Here are some of them, with dates they began in brackets (where I know them): Tim Challies (June 2003)David Wayne (December 2003) now at JollybloggerJoe Carter (October 2003)Josh Clayborn (? Date) now at In the AgoraHugh Hewitt (? Date)The Bluefish Project (August 2003)Cindy Swanson at Notes in the Key of L … [Read more...]