Warnie award shock as 10 day old blog walks away with gong

In amazing turn of events a prestigious blogging award has gone to an outsider who only began blogging TEN days ago! "Has Adrian lost his mind?" the blogosphere is asking tonight. "Did he have one in the first place?" the detractors may well ask. I can assure you that unlike certain election bloggers no money has chaned hands over tonights award (nor incidently over the recent ESV blogging- although I think I deserve more than a free bible for those efforts!) The reason for tonights decision … [Read more...]

Warnie Acceptance Speeches

Christweb and Rebecca have their acceptance speeches up on their blogs. Welcome to the club both of you! Now you all know what kind of blogs I like, email submissions from you my readers, highlighting the next rising star blog who deserves a "Warnie" would be great! … [Read more...]

Tonights Warnie awards ceremony……

.....comes to you as always from London England. Without any of my usual waffly preamble I intend to cut straight to the chase and announce two more winners of a "Warnie award for Blogging excelence". Both winners today I have been aware of for some time, and these awards reflect their persistance in great blogging. I hope that these awards will introduce more people to tonights winners-Christweb and Rebecca Writes why not congratulate them on your own blog for recieving this honor. … [Read more...]

Scotwise's Warnie acceptance speech

SCOTWISE grandly continues the tradition of an acceptance speech following his recent welll-deserver warnie award. … [Read more...]

And the winner of the next Warnie blogging award is…..

Scotwise is a regular commentator here, who's wisdom in the comments hides the fact that on his own blog he is one of those bloggers who are wise enough to realise there are people who can say things much better than him. In Scotwise's case the real wisdom comes from a peppering of fantastic quotes from mostly dead christian preachers and missionaries. Sadly these days the quality of being already dead seems to make your christian writing more likely to be a good inspiring read. Anyway, it is … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Warnie Awards

The Warnies award is given in recognition of general blogging excelence as judged entirely subjectively by me. These are the blogs that I believe may be headed for the dizzy heights of blogging recognition. It could equally be called "Warnie's blog tips". What prizes do recipients receive? Firstly they get mentioned here, and on whichever blogs feel it is worth mentioning the latest award recipients. Secondly, there posts are aggregated in the Warnie recipients group aggregator at … [Read more...]

The Warnie aggregator

21st Century Reformation likes my latest creation … [Read more...]

"The Warnies" Aggregator Group Page and the next recipient

I guess it was inevitable the way aggregators are springing up everywhere, but there is now an aggregator for past recipients of the 'Warnie award for blog excelence. I hope that it will all fix itself shortly as the OPML output includes all previous recipients but the actual aggregation doesnt yet- its possible blogdigger takes a while to visit new blogs added to its database.The sharp eyed among you will note that all "Warnie" recipients are now included in the Blogdom of God and that … [Read more...]

The next "Warnie"

After careful deliberation my next warnie goes to Transforming Sermons who is a graciuos linker and a fellow preacher. more power to your blogging elbow! … [Read more...]

Be afraid….be very afraid Warnie is back!

World of Sven may have been getting fed up with my posting on blogging, but he and the neo-liberals may rue the day he reminded me that I had unfinished business with them!If he thinks that I have forgotten about all that in my latest obsession with organising the Christian blogosphere, he is wrong.I dont have time right now to hit back fully so I will post a link to his article so other people can do it for- but trust me, the neo-liberal basher is back. Whats more that rude parody which I … [Read more...]