Warnie Acceptance Speeches

21st Century Reformation Well, first, I would like to thank the one all us bloggers really owe the biggest debt to Yes, I need to thank Al Gore for inventing the internet.But on a more serious note, I really do love the idea of blogging as a new democratic institution, and I think blessing the long tail is a great way for the old school bloggers to help us newer to the scene get exposure.I think we all gotta watch out for the addiction that blogging can be. The people who pay the biggest … [Read more...]

The second "warnie" award ceremony

Tonight at the second "Warnie" award ceremony the tension is hanging in the air. Who will receive the award? Looking slightly uncomfortable in the spotlight our host shuffles from foot to foot. If a pin was to drop then the noise would resound throughout the auditorium. Looking slightly embarassed Adrian begins the announcement:"Tonight, we are here to honor the unsung heroes of the blogosphere. These are the bloggers that are tipped for the top. These are the bloggers you are going to … [Read more...]

The Creme de la Creme of Godblogs?

Eternal Perspectives has been incredibly kind about me and the 1o Christian BloggersAdrian Warnock is a visionary and pioneer in Christian blogs (AKA Godblogs). He is the genius behind the Blogdom of God and, more recently, has created 10 Christian Blogs, a compilation of the some of the best and brightest Christian bloggers out there.........My own experience with Adrian's Ten Mighty Bloggers has been encouraging and rewarding. Whatever modest success I have had during my brief (three … [Read more...]

1st ever "Warnie" award acceptance speech

In case you missed it the first Warnie was awarded to John Mark Reynolds, and yes David as a fellow preacher you shouldn't even have to ask- we are always ripping off other peoples ideas. Of course my award is inspired by the Jollies!The noble recipients acceptance speech is well worth a read- "I would like to thank the members of the Warnock UK Evangelical Blog Academy for presenting me this award. When a man begins blogging, sitting in his jams on a winter morning, he does not think of … [Read more...]

And the winner of the first ever "warnie" blogger award is…..

The first ever "Warnie" blogger award goes to Dr John Mark Reynolds for a great all round blog which deserves much more attention than it currently gets. Covering the war on terror, philosophy, creation, Star Trek and a host of other subjects I love it. Dr Reynolds is a professor of philosophy and I can't recommend his blog enough.Please do mention his award on your own blog, and submit your own blog for the next "Warnie" award ceremony which will happen as and when I feel that a worthy … [Read more...]

Announcing a new blogger award- the "warnie"

I have often thought that prominent bloggers have a responsibility to help deserving bloggers from what is often called the "tail" get there share of the limelight. My only problem has been starting to recognize that this blog now falls into that group. Jollyblogger my partner in crime has said some very kind words about the part a link frenzy on my blog had in lifting his to the point where it is in the top 15 blogs in the blogdom of God ranked by link popularity. Actually I believe his blog … [Read more...]

1st Warnock Blog Entry

Hi! This is Adrian Warnock here beginning his blog. Quite why I am starting today is anybody's guess, but I think it’s something to do with being at the point of major change in my work life. Of course, the world is in flux right now also, and I guess the deluded part of me thinks that, at the very least, I would like to be able to read my thoughts again at some point in the future. Maybe these blogs will be like diaries used to be. But then, who keeps a diary these days? I did keep one years a … [Read more...]