Twitter as a mission tool

Interesting and challenging post alert. Do you (like me) connect online mostly with other Christians? Perhaps Twitter can help us change this (and similarly Facebook where just the fact that your non-Christian friends get to see your interactions surely has to be some kind of witness, you better hope its a good one!) I should say, of course, that there is nothing worse than someone connecting with people soley for the sake of inviting them to church. Jesus would want us to be "in" the world, … [Read more...]

Top Twenty Five Videos

This weekend I thought I would share a list of my top Twenty Five videos ordered by total number of views. As you can see, one of my Chandler videos has already jumped in above Mark Driscoll in second place. Terry's fantastic sermon on prayer is way ahead of that one even, however. I enjoyed filming or watching all of these videos. Why not watch one or two you have missed?1Elijah Prays For Rain Tue Jun 23, 20092Matt Chandler on being a reformed charismatic without much of a … [Read more...]

Geekfest on my new zippy server

The observant of you will have noticed that the site has sped up considerably over the last few days. This is because of a move to the wonderful Cloud hosting is the way of the future. A single hardware failure (like a hard disk) now cannot bring my site down. And I have better responsiveness than we were getting on a dedicated server which we were sharing with a few other sites.Wordpress is further sped up by using the W3 Total Cache plugin, which works wonders with something called … [Read more...]

Andy Lowe puts words into my mouth

I really thought that no one would even care about my recent decision to "go British" on a minor style issue.  So I was pleased that someone has taken notice, and very amused by the following quote, which came from Andy Lowe. With tongue firmly placed in cheek, he put some imaginary words into my mouth: So what did Adrian have to say?"I decided that it would be best to emulate one of my favourite bloggers, Andy Lowe, who inspires me in almost everything I write. It is fair to say that without … [Read more...]

Embrace The Concept Of “Permanent Beta”

Michael Hyatt speaks this blogger's language: When I post to my own blog, for example, I know there are likely errors in what I have written. But no matter how many times I read and re-read my posts, I can’t see them. Instead, I post them as-is, and my brother-in-law, Jack Parsons, proofs them after they go live. He emails me the errors he finds.It doesn’t have to be this way. As the CEO of a book publishing company, I have numerous editors available to assist me. I could run my posts by them b … [Read more...]

Twitter Helps You Lead

I have been enjoying reading Michael Hyatt's blog recently. He really gets social media, as well as being the dynamic leader of the largest Christian publishing house in the world.  His is a voice worth listening to.  I particularly liked what he had to say about Twitter in a conversation with a colleague: “Twitter is an opportunity for you to lead in a way that was not possible until now.” I explained. “As you and I both teach, when you boil it down, leadership is influence. Agreed?” “Agreed,” h … [Read more...]

A New Year Thank You

Happy 2010 to you all!  As you read this, I will no doubt still be at the Enfield multiplex cinema where our church meets to see the New Year in with worship and prayer. I hope you are also enjoying the New Year celebrations.I wanted my first post this year to be a big thank you to all those websites that send me traffic. I obviously can't thank the more than 2000 separate sites that have sent some traffic this way in 2009. Each one of you is, however, much appreciated. The following list is … [Read more...]

A Review Of The Year 2009

I have reviewed previous blogging years in 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, and 2004.These summary posts really do show something of the history of this site, and hence my life over this time. I sometimes wonder how long I will be able to keep all this blogging up, but to be honest, most of the time I simply cannot imagine life without the opportunity for reflection a blog brings.This year will forever be known in my mind as the year of the book. It's the year when all my previous efforts to write … [Read more...]

Been Here No Time And Already Thinking About Redecorating

Well, forget for a moment the foundations of this new house of ours. Forget that some of the tantalizing new features remain switched off while we make sure that the server can continue to cope. Forget even about the content that is hopefully easier to read and find with the new design.The thing that is causing some discussion in the Warnock household is what about the color of the sidebars? It seems that both my family and the rest of the world are divided on this issue! Some people love … [Read more...]

Server Problems

Well this is a new experience for me.We have been experiencing server go-slows and even freezes today. It seems that at least for the way the server was set up there is just too much traffic!  In all my years of static blogger hosted on ftp I don't remember a traffic spike causing me problems.  It reminds me of the preacher who was worried about his church building being too full so he decided he had to do something to make some of his congregation go away and not come back.   Kinda missing the … [Read more...]