Settling In To Our New Blog Home

I know, some of you are missing the old look of this blog right about now. Some of you are shocked by me saying that as you hated the old one! But, I do know that I was very anxious when I first saw the early prototype, and yet I found over time that it definitely grew on me. Now I love it, though a bit like my wife with our own physical home, I see a few flaws, and have some plans for improvements!So, think of the new theme like moving house. No matter how much you like the new house, … [Read more...]

Google Social Search: Not Another Social Media Site Actually

Google is smart. So they have a new proposition for us. Take all our existing publicly available “social graph” information from Facebook, Twitter, and the like, and when we are searching on Google, they will mix in with their normal results pages taken from your friends blogs, Twitter pages, etc. I have been experimenting over the last few days, and I must say I really like it! In order to make this work you have to set up a Google Profile, which essentially lists all your various services and … [Read more...]

Dinner With A Friend From the Evangelical Alliance

I got home just a little while ago from grabbing dinner with a man who I am starting to see as a friend. I am usually a little nervous about leaders in the broader evangelical movement if I am honest. I worry that my friendships with the people that run New Word Alive might make some perceive me as their enemy–I do appreciate that I am probably wrong to think that way, at least in most cases! I did not have any such concerns meeting Krish Kandiah, but if I had he would have allayed them i … [Read more...]

First Ever adrianwarnock. com Reader Survey

I would like to invite you to take a survey to help me get to know you more and plan for the future. We are actually hoping to get a redesign up very shortly (possibly even this week), so this will give us a good baseline to look at what people think of the new site after they have had a chance to get used to it. So, please take just a few moments of your time and click here to take the survey. … [Read more...]

Justin Taylor Gives Up His Blog

OK, so that title got your attention! In fact, Justin Taylor's blog Between Two Worlds will no longer be updated at its old address. But Justin has not, thankfully given up blogging. Instead his wonderful blog has moved to be hosted at The Gospel Coalition. I cannot commend his posts enough, he provides the Christian world with a fantastic service. So, add his new feed to your feed reader or follow him on twitter. You can also read Justin Taylor's blog on the kindle, and as I for some reason … [Read more...]

What Can YOU Do To Help An Author?

As I near the end of the long process or writing and editing "Raised With Christ - How The Resurrection Changes Everything" my thoughts are beginning to turn towards the subject of how to make sure anybody actually reads the thing! I will be letting readers know soon how you can pre-order it. It has been amazing to me to see how some very kind endorsements have been coming in. I already shared two with you before, here are a couple more:“Adrian Warnock has a passion to put the resurrection b … [Read more...]

Top 40 Christian Blogs Referring Here

Twice a year I like to share by way of a thank-you a list of the top blogs and websites that have referred the most traffic here. I have always excluded search engines (and hence all google sites such as google reader) which are of course incredibly important in sending traffic here. I realised that I had not done this over the summer. So, here is a list that covers 2009 to date. You will note that the major gainers this year are facebook (previously 4th, now 1st) and twitter (previously … [Read more...]

To Blog or Tweet? Or Both

Who thinks that short posts like this one only belong on Twitter/facebook? The blog strikes back with this one. This is Bourmemouth, by the way. … [Read more...]

The Internet – A Curse And A Blessing

This was posted on the Jubilee News/Blog site yesterday:The embedded video teaches a simple lesson The internet is a curse and also a blessingThe individual now has a voice; No longer just the "big boys"You can complain from your room; and even bring others doom.May the Christian never forget; the internet is a huge asset,Not to hurt innocent people, But to propagate the gospelTope … [Read more...]

Introducing a Blog By Ami

Ami Loizides is a 19 year old young woman who attends Church of Christ the King in Brighton. Her blog is nothing short of outstanding. She has an engaging style and is honest in reporting her musings. I would urge you to go and read it. Here are some extracts to whet your appetite:"How important it is to be able to take real joy from serving God in the unseen as well as in what is out in the open.""Who’s approval are you seeking? If it’s the approval of others then yeah, it’s flippin’ hard to … [Read more...]