FREE The Gospel Coalition Network from The City NOW OPEN

I can exclusively announce that the all-new and FREE Gospel Coalition Network website opened just a few minutes ago. The kind people running it have offered blog readers like you the chance to be first in line to join.If you already know what this is all about, then feel free to just follow one of the links below depending on which continent you're on, since this genuinely is a global offer. Don't worry, you will have access to the whole community no matter where you live. Then, do feel free to … [Read more...]

Free Copies of Vintage Church By Mark Driscoll and Gary Breshers

Its way past time I announced the winners of the Vintage Church competition. I had a lot of entries and its only now that I have managed to squeeze in some time to judge them. Ten copies will be given away free, provided the people involved all get me their addresses.FacebookThere are two winners from the facebook group: Joseph andBiblical Servanthood. There were other entries which can be found in friends of adrianwarnock.comBlog EntriesWinners - The Gospel Church - The Success Story Of … [Read more...]

What Title Should I Use For My Book?

UPDATE - Thanks for all your feedback emails and messages. I think I am down to five, the first for with the same subtitle. The last one could be a title on its own or could replace "Living in Light of the Resurrection" with one of the others.1. Raised with Christ - Living in Light of the Resurrection 2. Raised For Our Justification - Living in Light of the Resurrection 3. Raised For Our Salvation - Living in Light of the Resurrection 4. Raised To Save Us - Living in Light of the … [Read more...]

Top Referrers 2008

It's time for me to begin my annual blogging break over Christmas. I do want to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a very blessed New Year. The year 2009 is going to be an interesting year for me, that's for sure. I look forward to sharing it together with you.It's amazing how the Internet has become a tool for bringing people together who would otherwise have never met. Thank you for joining me on this incredible journey that blogging has opened up for me. I pray that in 2009 the Lord will … [Read more...]

Eight Reasons To Use Facebook

Okay . . . I know how it is. Some of you are still resisting Facebook's steady march towards assimilating the world's entire population. I want to try to convince you otherwise!Recently someone I don't know all that well asked me a question on Facebook about the gospel. Perhaps this means I should list "evangelism" as the ninth reason to use Facebook, which should actually rate it of greater importance than any of those I have given below.So here goes . . . six out of the eight reasons why you … [Read more...]

Adding Bible Content Automatically

Most Christian websites and blogs will have biblical references scattered throughout their text. But how much better would it be if that content could be automatically linked to one of the Bible websites that are out there? Well, I suspect it could be even better if, instead of merely inserting a link, you could automatically insert a little pop-up window that revealed the text without even leaving the website. That's exactly what I can now do here on the blog.That's just what those wonderful … [Read more...]

Theology Is For Women Too

Wendy Alsup is a woman who should be greatly honored. She lives in Seattle with her husband Andy and has trained many women in theology over the years.I have interviewed her previously. More recently, she has published a book, Practical Theology For Women: How Knowing God Makes a Difference in Our Daily Lives, in which she talks about how theology really is relevant for women. My wife has been enjoying the book.I just recently discovered Wendy Alsup's blog. I was so impressed with the blog, I … [Read more...]

UK's Christian Blog Awards

On Friday night I was privileged to be invited to attend a glitzy Christian Blog Award ceremony sponsored by a number of prominent Christian organizations, including the UK's Premier Christian Radio.You can imagine my pleasure, then, when some of the awards went to some of my blogging friends. I was also deeply honored and somewhat pleasantly surprised to receive second place in the "Most Inspiring Leadership" category. I hadn't really thought of this blog specifically as a leadership blog, but … [Read more...]

Reports of the Death of Stand-Alone Bloggers Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

I missed the fact that Joe Carter hung up his solo blogging hat, but caught it on The Tall Skinny Kiwi's site. As one who is still in mourning for the passing of Phil Johnson's solo blog, and before that the true godfather of Christian blogging, Josh Clayborn, I'm disappointed by this latest development. I also don't think that Joe is right when he says that solo blogging is becoming passe. There seems to be waves of solo bloggers who arise, some of whom die away quickly, while others defect to … [Read more...]

Bloggers at the Desiring God Conference

Abraham Piper has invited any bloggers coming to the DGM conference later this month to an open house on the Saturday evening. I so wish that I could be there, but sadly I can't. I am, however, sending a representative. My dear friend and pastor, Tope Koleoso (pictured right), is planning on attending the conference and will provide us with his feedback here on my blog. Do look out for him there, and say hello to him for me if you will be there!UPDATEIt's not too late to book into this … [Read more...]