Serving Jesus at Work – Lessons from the Career of Esther Part One

Today I begin a new series which is taken from an edited transcript of a recent sermon I preached at Jubilee Church.  Here is the video of that sermon:Downloads:  audio,  video,  HDI have referred quite a bit to two sources while preparing this. We’ve often said that at Jubilee, it’s as though we live between the ESV Study Bible and the Spirit-Filled Life Bible. I’ve found both of those resources incredibly useful in my preparation. The Spirit-filled Life Bible summarises this book in … [Read more...]

Future Glory – Final Part of a Sermon on John 2

3. Future gloryI am deliberately going to break every rule of exegesis and take a verse wholly out of context hear because I believe the balance of scripture tells us that God always keeps the best wine till lastIts a Glory that improves with age…its like wine we can taste.Jesus first miracle water to wine. That wine speaks of joy. One way tap into joy=== holys spirit peace and joy in the SpiritGeorge Whitefield as he preached on this miracle. "Whilst I am thinking, and only s … [Read more...]

Are You an Expert in Filling Pots with Water? Part Three of a Sermon on John 2

In this part of the sermon, I was focused on the third aspect of what happened when Jesus' glory was revealed. There was…. A POWERWith the command of Jesus going forth there comes a power.As they obeyed the wine came.  Power from GodTo some of us as we hear  "stop sinning" the power of the gospel is here and you will find within yourself the power to stop. Paul says it "Let him who steals, steal no more" STOP IT. Do what he says. Some of you say but I cant stop. I would ask you, a … [Read more...]

The Glory Revealed – Part Two of a Sermon on John 2

This is the second part of my notes from which I preached the above sermon.2. Glory revealed / Active Glory: When the glory is present and powerful. A moment comes. A crisis in their lives. They know Jesus. And yet does something amazing. Provides wine. Takes away their shame before it really happens. Powerful thing when glory is active. Doing signs and wonders Still does them today.How does it happen? How do we connect to glory? Lets see how it happened this time, and we will see a … [Read more...]

The Hidden Glory of Jesus – Part One of a Sermon on John 2

Here is the first part of the notes I preached from, lightly edited:This story ends with the idea "Jesus showing his glory" It's the goal of the story and the goal of this message!I want us today to catch just a glimpse of the glory of Jesus. If we can lift our eyes from the mundane lives we live and see his glory, just for a moment, this morning, our lives will never be the same again. This could be a life-transforming moment for each of us.When Bible talks of it comes in different … [Read more...]

Conclusion of the Barnabas serialization

One aspect that we haven’t talked much about is this: Barnabas may well have single-handedly prevented a damaging split in the early church between Antioch and Jerusalem. If you go back and read it, you will see that he was the ‘go-between’ for Peter and Paul-between Antioch and Jerusalem. It wasn’t always easy in that relationship but Barnabas had a foot in both camps. He was a blessing and was described as the ‘chief-mediator’ between those two great centers of the early church by one com … [Read more...]

Barnabas Part Five – Mistakes turned round for good

Barnabas is an encouragement to us in another way: Like so many heroes of the Bible, he wasn’t perfect. Don’t you find that encouraging? God is in the business of using servants who are not perfect, people who blow it, people who make mistakes. Maybe you’re sitting here this morning and you’ve mentally disqualified yourself from being used by God because of mistakes you’ve made in the past, sins you’ve committed in the past. I want to say to you, “There’s another chance for you!” We see in Galati … [Read more...]

Barnabas Part Four– Receiving prophetic encouragement that propels

The Gift of Encouragement from Jubilee Church on Vimeo.In Acts 13 Barnabas himself was encouraged by others. Remember the purpose of prophecy is encouragement. Remember when we say encouragement, we’re not just talking about a warm fuzzy feeling. We’re talking about sometimes being thrust out, our passage begins "and in the church of Antioch, there were prophets and teachers." (Barnabas is at the lead of this list, he seems to be the church leader there.) “Barnabas, Simeon, who was called Nig … [Read more...]

Barnabas Part Three – Encouraging a baby church and an emerging leader

Very soon, Barnabas’ encouragement finds another outlet, another opportunity. We see, in Acts 11, that Barnabas begins to encourage a baby church. A few people don’t wait for the apostles to send them or tell them what to do, they run because of persecution and when they arrive in Antioch they begin to share the Gospel. They don’t wait for headquarters to instruct them, they get on with it. Then, in verse 22 the apostles hear of what’s been happening, people are becoming Christians and a church i … [Read more...]

Barnabas: The Prophetic Gift of Encouragement Part Two

 Downloads: HiDef.  LowDef , DVD Quality or AudioHere is the continuation of an edited transcript of the above sermon which began yesterday:Who did Barnabas Encourage?First of all, and it may seem like a slightly funny place to start, he encouraged his leaders. Have you ever thought about that, that leaders need encouragement too? I know one or two of you are sitting here this morning thinking: “I want to be a leader?” Are you so sure? Leadership can be a real challenge. … [Read more...]