PROVERBS – Are Bloggers Scoffers?

Last Sunday I posted the first in a series of posts I am planning which will be a collection of Proverbs by subject. Today I thought I would share with you proverbs about the scoffer. As Tope pointed out in his sermon (linked to in last week's post), the scoffer is one of two types of “fool” mentioned in Proverbs. A quick search of the Bible will reveal that there are few mentions of the scoffer outside of the book of Proverbs, and that, not surprisingly, all mentions are negative. That might not … [Read more...]

PROVERBS – Get wisdom! Get Understanding!

People often say that common sense is not common. Last Sunday Tope began a sermon series at my church. His sermon is available online and forms a fantastic introduction to this amazing book of the Bible. The audio of this sermon is available online.To me, it seems that as well as simply reading the book through, this book lends itself well to collecting verses together by subject. I have had some fun using my Logos Bible Software to do just this with the book of Proverbs, and thought I would … [Read more...]