Complementarian and Egalitarian Bible verses

I'm not planning today to go through the arguments for and against egalitarianism or complementarianism. I thought instead that as a follow up to my "spectrum" post I would share some of the key Scripture passages that people on both sides of this debate believe are important in our understanding of this debate. If you can think of any other crucial passages I have left out, do let me know in the comments section below, via Twitter, or email.As I mentioned yesterday, I will discussing this … [Read more...]

Gender: Complementarian vs Egalitarian Spectrum

On Saturday, on Premier Christian radio's Unbelievable? show and online I will be in a discussion about one of the most controversial subjects facing the Global Church today. I will appear together with Rachel Held Evans and Owen Strachan.  You can listen in online as it is broadcast at 2:30pm UK time or download it afterwards.I thought, to get us in the mood, I'd introduce you to another of my “theological spectrum” posts. Previous examples include the arminocalvinist-spectrum, charismatic s … [Read more...]

How Charismatic are YOU? A Spectrum of belief and practice

Today, in the tradition of my previous Arminocalvinist Spectrum, Evolution vs Creationism Spectrum and Spectrum of belief on hell and salvation  I present a "Charismatic-cessationist spectrum."  For some more background on this issue, and a fairly typical charismatic perspective see my series of posts on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  As usual this may be a bit of a living document for a couple of days as I welcome suggestions for improvement from others.Intriguingly this spectrum is much har … [Read more...]

A spectrum of belief on hell and salvation – Is Rob Bell a Universalist?

This week Rob Bell is in the UK and will be speaking at a number of evening events around the country. I trust many will see through his emotional appeals to the error that lies beneath.Rob argues in his book Love Wins that “No one can resist God’s pursuit forever because God’s love will eventually melt even the hardest hearts” (page 108). Yet elswhere he claims not to be a universalist. Therefore, to be fair to him and in the spirit of my Arminocalvinist Spectrum and Evolution vs Creation … [Read more...]

Arminians vs Calvinists a spectrum

In this post I outline an Arminocalvinist spectrum, and explain why it's not so simple as Arminians vs Calvinists. I think when we come to the Arminian / Calvinist debate we must understand it is not simply a clear cut issue.  When I meet other Christians and get to know them, the most important question I have is not whether they agree with every line of theology I have, and express that agreement with the same wordings I do. I am much more concerned with what is their attitude to the B … [Read more...]

Evolutionary Spectrum

I am going to address a theme today that I haven't spoken about very much in the entire history of my blog. It is not an easy subject to write about as I am aware that there are very strong emotions on display on both sides. The debate between atheistic evolution and any kind of belief in a creator God seems to have long since become almost too emotive to discuss. Among Christians, there is much argument about what our position should be.  I have decided for now that I will not pin down for you … [Read more...]